Care package from Angela part 4 of 4: Ginger biscuits

This was the most familiar part of the package as get ginger biscuits in the UK. I have given half the pack to my parents seen as my Mum, bought some of the products I sent to New Zealand.

This was such a fun idea both receiving the parcel and putting the parcel I sent together! So pleased I have tried pineapple lumps (see part 1).


A posh looking chocolate bar.

It tasted and looked like Carmac chocolate which is seen occasionally in the UK.

It had bits of biscuits in that made it crunchy. There are various chocolate bars in UK that have whole biscuits in like Kitkat and Twix, but not sure there is one with just bits in? Possibly I may have had a Yorkie with biscuit and raisins?

Always love chocolate, especially posh chocolate, someone else has bought 🙂

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Wonderwall360 Hump day Careers: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Thank you, so much Nicculent for being my first ever guest post writer. A post about a dream job; blogging. Think we all enjoy blogging, but not many people can make a living out of it. I don’t mind that, I like doing this for fun and no deadlines, no one telling me how and what I should write.

If anyone else wants to write a guest post about their career, it would be a pleasure to publish it.

Truths of being a blogger%2Fphotographer..png

NOTE:This blog-post is for a guest-post on Wonderwall360‘s blog.Thank you for allowing me to write a guest-post!For those of you guys who haven’t heard of this blog,check it out,I’m sure you’ll love it.

So,the topic of this guest-post was to be anything career related,and about struggles of having a specific career.Basically,about how some careers are not what you think they are.

Now,I definitely don’t consider myself an established blogger or photographer,I’ve just started this blog,my YouTube channel recently,and started taking my Instagram handle seriously very recently.Heck,I don’t even have 500 established subscribers yet!

But as much as I’m crap afraid of saying this,I’m saying it:

I want to be a blogger.

It’s scary to say that out on the internet.

This is where I feel my best,I have never had camera-shyness,EVER,I love what I’m doing, but one thing is for sure.

No matter how hard it’s going to be…

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Yellow pictures for Glueckgeist

I do not have instragram so I searched, pintrest for yellow pictures, then realised I really needed instragram to send, so here is what I found:

I was reading earlier that prior to Queen Victoria marrying in white the fashion at the time, was to wear yellow or blue as a wedding dress. This example, came up in pintrest of a yellow wedding dress.

This would be a pretty yellow wedding cake.

This is the banner for my new Wednesday series.

10 years ago today, I did not vote…

Since I have been eligible to vote, I have only missed voting twice; in honour of the women who fought for votes for women.

The first time I missed voting was being I was away at university and had an exam on Election Day. My Dad who as had been sent a form ‘as head of the household’ to confirm who was eligible to vote; failed to get me a postal vote. After women fought, to get votes for women; men still have power over women, in terms of voting.

The second time, I failed to vote, was 10years ago today. I was in hospital 3 hours away with a broken leg. I had, had a metal rod inserted but, it had not been stitched together as it was too swollen. So think, that is a pretty good excuse not to vote. Sorry Millicent, Emmiline and the other suffragettes.

I will be voting on Thursday in the election for the new post of Mayor of South Yorkshire. This is a similar role to London mayor currently held by Sadiq Khan; previously held by Ken Liverstone and Borris Johnston.

“The thing about politics is that it is at a certain level, very very boring.” Tony Blair, A journey

“The thing about politics is that it is at a certain level very very boring. The issues are self evidently not – they are huge and are usually the reason for entering the political world – but somehow the hugeness can so easily get lost in the habitat in which those issues live” states Tony Blair on p591 of his auto biography A Journey.

I agree, politics is so important it affects everything we do, yet I will often turn newspaper pages about politics with just a glance. The minute of it can be tedious literally like school kids bickering in the playground. I started reading A Journey on holiday in 2015. Part of my boarding pass was my book mark. Yet I have only just finished it.

In Bulgaria, I was reading a chapter each morning. 1997 when Blair was voted prime minster, was the first election, I can clearly remember even though I was too young to vote. Then Blair had a whole chapter on Princess Diana’s death; I can clearly remember where I was when, that news came in.

I stalled with the book, when I got to Iraq. I really did find it boring. I have finally reached end. I can not remember beginning clearly but, I will keep the book along with his wives Cherie’s books to refer back to. I can not bear thought of reading the prime minster after Blair’s book; Gordon Brown’s as think that really would be dull. I have read Harriet Harman’s autobiography and seen her talk. I saw Ed Milband talk on Friday 27th April.