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(For my psychological sciences study I made this report.) Chocolate is consumed throughout the world, with 7.5 million tons eaten in 2017 alone (Statista, 2019). While widely available and not age limited, chocolate is also considered an addictive food, with the term ‘chocoholic’ used to describe those with a frequent craving for it (Crichton, Elias, […]

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Central Dementia Cafe — Central Sheffield

What a great idea for dementia awareness week. Those with dementia may be more connected to other weddings than Harry and Meghan’s and enjoy chance to reminisce. Or as mentioning in my lent dementia posts, those with dementia may not have full understanding of celebrations but, can still enjoy celebrating.

I have been blogging my experiences of this wedding, so I have the posts to look back on.


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Dementia and forget me nots


In this blog, some beautiful forget not creations and some good points about dementia.

In this post as part of my Lent dementia prompts I shared Dementia Friends which uses the forget me not as it’s symbol’s key messages.

Lent prompt 40: 5 Key message from Dementia Friends

It’s Dementia Action Week, something that is very important to me. My dad had the disease. He died a year ago.

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Dementia Awareness week

This week, is dementia awareness week in the UK. During Lent I posted daily posts regarding dementia, including the following:


Lent prompt 1: What is Dementia?

Lent prompt 3: Footballer’s heading balls and dementia

Lent Prompt 35: Dementia Tip

Lent prompt 40: 5 Key message from Dementia FriendsLent prompt 43: 12 ways to create a purposeful life for someone with dementia