The Favourite Film Review

I was not sure I was going to like this film, being a period drama, but it was better than my other options such as transformer film (my friend had already seen my first choice Mary Poppins … more on that hopefully this week). However this is no Pride in Predjuice or Downton abbey (such a relief not to watch that for two hours on Christmas Day). It is slightly bizarre; especially the ending, comical and I have seen it described as a period romp. It is more of a satire of a period drama than actually being a period drama, so don’t be put off by the costumes. Equally do not go expecting an accurate history lesson. It is about a genuine Queen Anne who was Queen 1702 – 1708.

Feminists may like the focus on three females. Three women playing mind and other games with each other. Queen Anne switching her favouritism over two of her servants; Sarah and Abigail both battling each other to be her favourite and therefore have power over England. It is good to see a Queen of that time receiving and taking advice from women rather than men. For any men (or women) that like the idea of women together; it does happen but subtly.

The Ending ….


Near the end Abigail who has had the other servant Sarah banished and is feeling smug, sickeningly puts her foot on top of one of Queen Anne’s beloved rabbits. She makes the rabbit yelp before releasing it, but Queen Anne hears. To put Abigail in her place again, Queen Anne makes Abigail go down on her. I looked away for a minute at this point and when I looked at the screen it was all black. I wondered if it was the end or technical issue as it seemed very sudden. I have had to ask my friend / read up on it to find out what happened. Apparently it went from Abigail going down on Queen Anne to the screen filling with images of rabbits. Online people are proposing different theories for the rabbits which the Queen had one for each child that she had lost in pregnancy or shortly after birth. Perhaps they symbolise how the Queen was using Abigail for her pleasure; as though she was merely a certain battery operated toy rather than an actual person to love?

Top 5 Tuesday – 5 books I want to read in 2019

Per the topic of Bionic Book worms top 5 Tuesday (see post reblogged for more details).

5 books I’m planning to read this year are:
1. Tattooist of Austwitz

2. More of Girl with series … read first three which, was written by Steig Larsson. Just received Girl with Spider which has a different author following Larrson’s death,

The flaw in the Girl who played with fire?

Have purchased the following three from my book club reading list.
3. Everything I know about Love by Dolly Alderton. Think after reading her Sunday times columns, it will be light reading.
4. After the party by Cressida Connolly

5. A memoir of childhood reading by Lucy Mangan.
I’m not sure whether to start with books 1 or 2 mentioned above?

Bionic Book Worm

Happy New Year!!!! I hope that you all had a fantastic holiday season filled with love, laughs, family, and so much more!!! It’s been a while since my last post and, I have to admit, that the break was much needed. It was really nice to just focus on my family without having the blog hanging over my head. Not to mention that towards the end of the year I was feeling the strains of a massive social media slump that was carrying over into my blogging habits. So I’m back now, feeling refreshed, and ready for an amazing year in 2019! But, I’ll get into more of these details in a future reading goals post. But, for now, I wanted to start the year off with the Top 5 Tuesday topics for the first month of the year! Here’s what’s coming up for January 2019:

JANUARY 8 – Top…

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The Gatehouse Cafe in Kelham Island

Kelhham Island continues to become increasingly gentrified with cool places popping up. A new one for me was Gatehouse cafe. Seriously, sophisticated cool, with a jukebox in the corner.

I had Parma hand eggs Benedict. Melt in mouth hollandaise contrasting with sharp vingarette of salad.

I drank salted caramel hot chocolate the flavour was amazing, intense, delightful and there were solid bits of fudge at the bottom.

See Wonderwall360 instragram for pictures.

#SixWordStoryChallenge January 5th 2019

We are back! If your resolution is to write a 6 word story in 2019, follow the link below to Kirstwrites. Even if that is not your resolution why not as a writter have a go? Kirsty has provided the prompt of RESOLUTION as your starting point, so all you have to do is come up with 6 words!

I will provide you a new prompt, here this time next week.


It’s the first Saturday of 2019, so it’s time to get back into the #SixWordStoryChallenge with a brand new logo designed by Wonderwall featuring a freshly sharpened pencil to jot down your miniature story ideas. Happy New Year everyone! If you’ve just dropped by for the first time, welcome. And if you’re an old hand at Six-Word Storytelling, welcome back.


So without further ado, your prompt for this week is (wouldn’t you just know it): RESOLUTION

And my six-word story is:

Veganuary’s easy. Letting you go? Impossible.

Want to play along? Ok, here’s how it works:

Each Saturday at 9am (GMT) either this blog or my cohost Sara at Wonderwall360 will post a prompt for you to use to create a six word story. The prompt will usually be one word and it is not necessary for you to use this word in your story, it’s merely intended as inspiration.

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Six Word Story Saturday – one more day to go!

The challenge returns in the morning; with prompt on Kirsty’s blog. Kirsty and I have been looking back from the stories we have written in 2018.

Here are a selection of my stories from 2018 (some I wrote for my prompt and some I wrote for Kirsty’s prompts.
One of my favourites was based on my truth and won joint first prize which was good for my esteem;
Prompt: Recovery
Year post shattering redundancy; confidence returning.
Prompt: Grandmother
Octo-Grandmother expecting quads. Brave woman

Prompt: History

History repeated.

Prompt: Game. Missed goal. Ball knocked fan unconscious.

This one got me 2nd place.

Prompt: Princess

Shredded princess dress to bounce better.

Prompt: Foundling

Swaddled, newborn, abandoned.


Lacked Y.

Prompt: Wildlife

Shy badger 🦡 wears mask across eyes.


Going a bit Hemingway… I’ve been having fun looking back at some of my Six Word Stories which I’ve come up with over the last few years.

What do you think is the best SixWordStory you’ve ever written, or that you’ve seen from another blogger? Let me know your favourites in the comments – we’re gathering inspiration and ideas –  and check back at 9am tomorrow morning for the first prompt of 2019!

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Six Word Story Saturday is just around the corner!

Kirsty will Be posting the first prompt on Saturday and myself the week after.



Have you missed the #SixWordStoryChallenge during December? Are you fired up with good intentions for your blog in 2019? The weekly challenge, cohosted by Wonderwall and me, will be back at 9am this Saturday. So come along and say hello to blogger friends, practise that crucial writer’s skill of cutting down your wordcount, and get ready to channel your inner Hemingway!

See you there!

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100 years since first woman elected as MP: Constance Markievi

The 1918 United Kingdom general election was called immediately after the Armistice with Germany which ended the First World War, and was held on Saturday 14 December 1918. It was the first general election to be held on a single day, although the vote count did not take place until 28 December due to the time taken to transport votes from soldiers serving overseas.

In the 1918 election Constance Markievi was elected as a MP however, she did not sit in parliament due to being a member of Sein Fein. The first women to sit in parliament was Nancy Astor, she was elected following a by election in December 1919.