Tuesday 7th March Lent Contemplation

17year old Kieran was pressurised by older men to take drugs whilst staying at an all age hostel.
Take time to appreciate whatever freedom you have to make your own decisions.

In my time in Amsterdam this weekend no one has asked me if I wanted drugs let alone pressurised me.

A Passionate Woman at the Lyceum Sheffield

A story set on a wedding day where the bride is not centre stage in fact is only on stage for 2minutes at the end of the show. It is the Mother of the Groom that is the centre. She has retreated to the attic on her son’s wedding day wearing her wedding outfit; but would she really have clambered up to the attic in heels? She is feeling unsettled as the wedding marks her son leaving home and moving to Milton Keynes where his bride has a new job, leaving her with her husband who she feels she is not appreciated by.

An initial monologue by the Mum played ably by Liza Goddard is interrupted by first her son (again strong acting) and then her husband.

The exasperated groom

The dialogue as you would expect for dialogue written by Kay Mellor is amusing. The second half becomes, not wishing to spoil it, less static. Not a deep play but an enjoyable  light hearted 95minutes with interval entertainment.

Homelessness First Weekend of Lent Contemplation prompts

Despite a rise in homelessness government funding to services that help individuals avoid homelessness has been cut by 45% in the last 6 years whereas young people sleeping rough has doubled.

Take time today to pray for homeless young people.

Saturday 4th March

Safe housing is the most effective short term solution, but funding limits availability.

How many homes have you lived in?, collect 5p for each.

Sunday 5th March

Given that the number of rough sleepers is rising, collect 5p for every hour of warm sleep, last night.

Monday 6th March

Hostels can be scary places for a young person. Yet sometimes these are the only options available.

Collect 50p if your bed felt safe last night.

Next Street City Sheffield food event is in honour of Saint Patrick’s day …

From my experience of previous Chinese New Year event and carnival (see previous posts) I think the crowd will be more mellow than the crowd celebrating St Patrick’s weekend on say west street. As St Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland many celebrating my drinking a lot of Guinness. With the drink prices at Street City and the civilised crowd I think it will be less rowdy, children fit into event well and there is good choice of food as well as drink. If people are lucky they will see the amazing aerial acrobat that I have seen at previous events.
Mardi Gras Carnival Continues Saturday 25th….There is not much of a nod to the carnival theme but there are bands and saxophonist accompanying DJ and other acts.

Including same aerial acrobat …

Round up of 1st day of Lent 1st March

Amount collected total: 75p

I have collected 5p per possible homeless person I saw. Most were people sitting down as if someone is just wandering around how do you know whether they are homeless. Also did some of the people I saw at least have a hostel place for the night.

After I left work at about 5 I saw the following.

1.Sat on a step by the hole in the the road outside Waitrose I saw a man eating with a small rucksack and another bag. How do you judge whether someone is homeless or just sat in a random place to eat? For the purposes of this I will count this.

2. There was someone selling big issue outside Orchard square.

3. There was someone sitting with a sleeping bag outside Sainsbury’s on the moor.

4. There was someone sat with a mouth organ outside Sainsbury’s on the high street (near the cathedral).

5. Someone asked me for change on the Moor.

6. A manwith legs in sleeping bag next to Yorkshire bank cash machines on Castlegate.

7.There was a man Heavon nails just up from the British Heart Foundation shop that is opposite Debenhams.

About 7:

8. A man asleep half sat up in a sleeping bag outside British Heart Foundation shop on Arrundal gate, however he was not there when I walked past again about 9.15.

9 and 10 two men sitting separately on Division st.

11. Asked for change by one man walking down Division Street with a sleeping bag round his neck.

12. A man sat with legs laid out on a bench again did he have accommodation issues or was he just resting?

13. A lady sat in one of the tunnels of the hole in the road by Waitrose.

Coming out of the Lyceum about 9.15.

14. A man sat in Tudar square.

15. Asked for change by someone as left Tudar square.

Mardi Gras Carnival Continues Saturday 25th….

There is not much of a nod to the carnival theme but there are bands and saxophonist accompanying DJ and other acts.

Including same aerial acrobat as at Chinese New Year event. She is amazing hanging off a Hulu hoop attached by nothing more but her limbs; so strong and flexible. I would not want to attempt half of what she does above a concrete floor!

My starter was a shared platter of calamari from Italian stall; as a connasoir of calamari they were pretty good. I then had an ostrich burger with tasty onions and cheese.

There was also a hot dog stall, smokehouse van, crepe van, pizzas. The Indian street food stall was doing interesting and tasty looking wraps. Later in the evening from the waffle store I had a rocky road waffle. There was also bannofee and millionaire waffles.

The prosecco and other main bar was present as for Chinese New Year. As was the city taxi booth for free photos. There was a good atmosphere on the dance floor before ten. My prediction that is was a good place to take kids was correct as the almost 2 year old with us had a good time running round. Plus it was still free to get in.

Street City Sheffield ‘Mardi Gras’ Carnival The next Street food event on Ecclesall Road, takes place February 24th and 25th. It has a carnival  theme. It does not specifically say it is for … https://wonderwall360blog.wordpress.com/2017/02/06/street-city-sheffield-mardi-gras-carnival/