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My classroom has had a new addition to go alongside my beetles. As we are taking part in Hull City of Culture we are spending the year studying different aspects of Hull. This term we are looking at the history and will be covering Amy Johnson. Across the city giant moths have sprung up to […]

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A new gallery, light installations and masterpieces set for Hull city of culture 2017 — features and photography about how humans live today

Hull will see its buildings lit up with art installations for city of culture 2017. “Made in Hull”will kick off the year with open air illuminations by local and international artists which will aim to tell the city’s story. Italian arist Silvio Palladino will design a large scale light installation on the buildings of Thorton […]

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Top 5 Large Elephants (Children’s Hospital Trail Sheffield 2016)

5. Start by cheating with a double entry: great to see elephant’s featuring Sheffield landmarks: Our City our Home and In It Together.


4. The Elephant in the Hive for it’s vivid colour.


3. Inside out. The full impact did not immediately hit me as I saw her during a session running round the city zapping elephants on the app. It was the second time that I noticed and admired the baby elephant inside the Mother to be that my appreciation grew for Inside Out.

2. Inconelly I could see this one from a distance as I approached Fargste, shining in the sun. Given his conienent location, he has receive do several oats from me, when I have been passing. I have also had some fun trying to take pictures in the reflection.

It was interesting to learn about the material he is made from; inconel which, is made by Sheffield company Pressure Technologies. Apparently this super alloy of chromium and iron is very hard wearing so I would be happy to have him in my garden sparking for years to come. Where is he now?

I saw all the big and mini Sheffield elephants; but where are they now????


1. Another one that was in a convient place for me to visit often over summer was Interst Elephant. As soon I saw him, I was drawn to him because of his bright colours. Up close there was features to see all over; from the different rockets blasting off, either side of the trunk to the stars, space ships all over his body and legs. The earth was centeral on his body with a rocket 🚀  above and an astronaught space walking out of the rocket.

What is / are your favourites?

The Herd have come to Sheffield! — We Are Sheffield Students

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Herd of Sheffield 🐘 — bohemiart.co.uk


The Herd have come to Sheffield! — We Are Sheffield Students

“They’re really nice but…why elephants?!!” A typical reaction to ‘The Herd of Sheffield’: the latest creative spectacle to hit Yorkshire. Between July 11th – 5th October, you will find 58 fibreglass elephants (and 72 mini-elephant calves) dotted around the city centre. In fact, it’s pretty hard to miss them: each one is a bespoke creation […]

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2016: top 5 sport smile prompts ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️🏆🚗

Starting with what still makes me smile most.

1. Seeing Scunthorpe score 6 on Easter Monday and concede none which was more than the rest of league 1, put together scored that afternoon. So grateful to see that after not expecting to, having started the day in Berlin. But thanks to a shortcut by EasyJet piolet and speeding through passport control, I was there!

2. Rosberg winning championship.
3. Supporting Belgium 🇧🇪 in Euros.
4. Leicester winning premier league – after so few teams have achieved that.
5. Beating Sheffield United on the last day of a season, due to other results, not going our way it was not enough to go into play offs but at least we did our part and had a exciting rollercoaster afternoon. It was a match had been looking forward to, for a longtime as it wa my nephew’s first away match. But it was only a week before we suddenly had chance of a play off position after taking the whole season to crawl that far up the table from the relegation zone at the beginning of the season.  The potintial of a trip to Wembley meant we were joined by 3000 Scunthorpe fans at Bramall lane, creating a fantastic atmosphere. The first cheering was for  Wigan’s goal in the first 5 minutes that put us in 6th place (final playoff position). Barnsley equalizer sending us back to 7th. Then cheering our first goal, which put us back in 6th. Then Barnsley scoring twice more. Then our second goal meaning we had another 3 to score or Wignan needed to score 2 to get us back to 6th.. Then Barnsley fourth goal which sealed us in 7th place.

I saw all the big and mini Sheffield elephants; but where are they now????

I saw all in their original locations and went to the farewell weekend at Meadowhall where all large ones were present – had limited time so then only glimpsed some of them.


The mini ones all went back to the schools that designed them. The 58 large ones were sold at auction raising more than 400,000 for the Sheffield children’s hospital.

  • I believe the Arctic Monkey one is now near the Winter Gardens -need to verify with my own eyes!
  • A Sheffield Summer which was designed by High Storr school’s administrative clerk Jane Norburn is going back to High Storr. High Storr school raised £2600 to buy it, but the bids at the auction, went above that. However, all was not lost as the school’s now hero local property developer Philip Prince bought A Sheffield Summer and donated it back to the school. Philip Prince bought A Sheffield summer for £6,200 and then making everyone a winner the school also donating their £2,600 to the campaign. Philip Prince also bought Majorie that was designed by Pete McKee. Majorie was sold for the highest bid of the night of £22,0000.
  • The Beat Goes on was bought by the directors of The Great Gatesby and Abbeydale picture house, and is now on the roof behind the Great Gatesby.


  • Leffie has been bought by Direct Cars and is on display there.