Beauty and the Beast review from someone indifferent to Disney. 

The committed Disney fans who, have been waiting for the film for months seemed to have loved it. I feel I’m beyond simplistic Disney stories. I probably would not have gone, if it had been an animation. To be fair, Bella (certainly in this film, if not in all versions of Beauty and the Beast); was slightly more plucky than in other Disney princess types. However, I still struggled to get into it. As I find for many musicals, the songs interrupted the flow of the plot. Also I did not enjoy the songs; I found them too high pitched. Additionally the songs padded the film to a lengthy 2 hours 10minutes.

In conclusion if you love Disney films you will love it. Then how much you like it will, on a sliding scale  correspond with how much you like Disney films. If you are not keen on Disney and a friend is wanting you to go I recommend getting them to pay the difference between 2D and 3D as I think it could be quite dramatic in 3D and therefore easier to engage with. Or go to the cinema prepared to have a nap. I wonder whether the wine strategy I by default employed for Hidden figures would have help for this film?

Wonderwall Glasgow Street Art and More

Some pictures of Glasgow street art and more.

Scotland : Glasgow

Glasgow the biggest city in Scotland. While staying in Edinburgh we also planned a day trip to Glasgow. We took the ScotRail to Glasgow, it’s a 55 minutes ride. Meanwhile you can enjoy the beautiful landscape. Glasgow is the biggest and busiest city in Scotland and it’s located on the banks of the River Clyde. Unfortunately the […]

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Lent Contemplation retrospectively for Sunday 19th March

DePaul believes in rights and responsibilities.

Take care to consider what your rights and responsibilities are.

If you lucky enough to own or rent a house you have responsibilities for paying rent / mortgage and looking after the property. Those who stay in temporary accommodation are within their rights but similarly should take responsibility for looking after where they live.