Prioritizing mental health

Stigma of Mental Health and Homelessness. Earlier this week as part of my lent Contemplation I was thinking about the stigma of homelessness. I mainly focused on persepective that family problems either death of parents, having to leave care or relationship breakdowns leaving someone isolated. However, mental health issues can also lead to homelessness if mental health issues cause relationship issues, prevent people working so lose home or mental health issues can lead to drug use and in turn homelessness. Therefore it is important that there is no stigma to asking for mental health issues or drug use issues as not asking for help can mean the problem become bigger.

The Catalysts for Change

And the stigmatization of mental illness.

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Autism Awareness Sheffield

It is coming to end of Autism awareness week to mark this event shops in Sheffield town are opening from 8am tomorrow Saturday to allow some quiet time with dimmed lights and low or no music for those with autism. Virgin money have a chill out space for anyone overwhelmed. See blog below for further details / or the Sparkle website. Sparkle is a charity and their website outlines support offers therefore, worth looking if needed.

Sheffield shops open early Saturday April 1st for Autism

Sparkle in collaboration with The Autism Centre’s Stephen Connolly have been working with Sheffield shops to encourage them to open early on Saturday April 1st for World Autism Awareness Week. A number of shops have agreed to become more autism friendly. More information at

End of Lent Contemplation: Sunday 16th April

At the end of Holy Week reflect back on what learnt. Count money collected.

In some ways homeless still seems such a complicated issue and there is so little can do to help, as it depends on so many factors larger than me such as economy and the decisions the government makes regarding funding for example, for mental health issues, addiction issues.

Over lent by following Lent prompts from the DePaul charity website I collected £7.60. This is not even enough for DePaul to provide one night’s accommodation as that costs £15. I will of course donate £15.

I guess at least I have increased awareness. I would like to hope I have raised awareness amongst others. I designed the following which I used as featured image on many posts and Facebook profile picture when the daily task was to reduce stigma of homelessness. I was trying to make a point about vunerable people who end up homeless because they do not have family around to support them. For example, children in care have to leave care at 16 and this can be too much to cope with and they end up homeless.

Lent Contemplation: Friday 14th April

Reaearch regarding homelessness

Lent Contemplation: Thursday 6th April

“I’am now currently living on my own in a flat, which is part of the DePaul North Tyneside Outreach Service which means I can still access support when I need it.

Collect 4p for each of the people who support you most.j

I would say I have perphas 10 people to call on in emergencys. Collected 40p.

Total amount collected: £7.44