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If we were having coffee.. | Small town ramblings

If We Were Having Coffee | 001 – Natalie Vinh

My version which I have just published is less light hearted.

Book Scavanger: What I did not have on my shelf….

  • An audio book. Last time I listened to an audiobook was as a child; casssettes borrowed from the library. Now the way to do it is to listen with phone; so there is nothing to put on the book shelf. I downloaded audibles, for a free trial which took about 10minutes and that was at the same time as cooking. I’m now listening to Cousin Rachal by Daphane De Mairier which is another one being turned into a film this year. As it is just one narrator rather than dialogue, you have to make sure you listen and concentrate; no looking at anything else on phone!
  • Looking at my book shelf most is caucasion, women like me. But that is swung a little by having so many Jodi Piccoult and Tess Gerritson. But my shelves do not represent everything I read; they represent what I have kept minus books that my sister has in her to be read collection. So I have nothing against reading books by someone of a different gender, ethinicity, religion, ability etc to me.
  • I think I have got into reading other books because of them having the tag ‘If you like Jodi Piccoult’. Of course Amazon also acts as an enabler to keep in one genre but hey it’s what I like; not too difficult to read but good characters and a dilemma to ponder.
  • Through going to a book club I definitely do read things, I would not naturally pick; however; that probably shows I know what I like as not many become keepers. Therefore on that basis this challenge has not tempted, me to read any steam book or any fantasy novels
  • For book club over last couple of years I have read a couple of 800+ page books; Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell, which had some good bits , but weirder as it went on and for me too detached to realities along with length I was not enjoying it by the end. I borrowed it from my Dad, but if it was my book, I probably would not have kept it. Also for book club read Goldfinch by Donna Tartt, which I mighthave enjoyed if it had not been dragged out so much; what did all the repeated drug binge scenes achieve?

Sheffield May bank holiday food festival 

I started by trying two thimbles of fruit cocktails at English country garden stall.


I then tried some wine at Pieroth wine whilst discussing wine tasting nights.

Some samples of different flavoured marshmallow. I could have also tried flour made from cricket, which I would have tried if it had not contained nuts.

I tried Budapest poutine from the Gravy train. A tasty Canadian way to eat chips with added flavours.

I also have happy feet after a pedicure and reflexology.

My pedicure was well time as I walked in just as it was starting to spot with rain. Whilst I was having the pedicure done, it sounded like it was hammering down. Then I walked out it was sunny again. Now there is the second of two windy spells. It is looking a bit grey so not sure whether sun will come back out to play today.

A well presented vegetable stall

Source: Bank holiday weekend in Sheffield food and 80s and the sun in building up to shining.

Bank holiday weekend in Sheffield food and 80s and the sun is building up to shining.

Today untill Monday there is a food festival in the centre of Sheffield. Lots of stalls selling food and a pop up farm with animals. Passing on bus as being set up, spotted vegetable, cup cakes, beer  and Chinese noodle stalls.

Today and tomorrow  Street City is having an 80s themed food market with usual music (see links below for information about previous street city events).

Mardi Gras Carnival Continues Saturday 25th….

Celebrating Chinese New Year at Sheffield Street City Food Market avec Music