Tribes Studio Theatre 12.07.17

A play reflecting today’s world, where so many young adults find themselves living with parents. In adult bodies but with childhood resentments simmering.

The four adults are a make born deaf to parents who took the option not to learn to sign or to teach him. His brother who has a broken relationship and is contending with psycophernia and a stammer. His sister who also feels lost in the world, single. His girlfriend born to deaf parents, who is now losing hearing. The girlfriend talks about in deaf community how, no one understands what like to lose hearing as they have never had hearing.

The parents also featuring adding to colour of family life and provoking thoughts. Fantastic complex characters, not necessarily fully likeable. Play made time pass quickly.

On at Crucible studio untill 22nd July.

Insomnia – Stephen King

Someone who liked insomnia more than I did. Review clearly indicates where there are any spoilers although nothing major revealed. In comments they state Insomnia not best King book, so perhaps a shame that it was the first I found in a charity shop when looking for a King book as given how long books are then not sure would want to read another.


Since his wife died, Ralph Roberts has been having trouble sleeping. Each night he awakens a little earlier until he’s barely sleeping at all. During his late night vigils and walks, he observes some strange things going on in Derry, Maine. He sees colored ribbons streaming from people’s heads. He witnesses two strange little men wandering the city under cover of night. He begins to suspect that these visions are something more than hallucinations brought about by sleep deprivation. Ralph and his friend, widow Lois Chasse, become enmeshed in events of cosmic significance. –

I know I have mentioned before that I am a big Stephen King fan. He is a great story teller, there are no boundaries to his writing, and he doesn’t let his imagination be stunted by rules. He dreams something up, he writes it and he writes it well.


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A boy made of blocks by Keith Stuart No Spoilers

A Nick Hornby style book. The themes of the book are around the trial separation of the parents of an autistic boy and connecting with the boy via the video game minecraft. A potentiality gritty story , especially as author’s son has autism however, it never goes that deep or heavy. Instead although presenting struggles,  it goes with a lighthearted, heartwarming, positive angle. The plot is simplistic and at one point I was not sure always flawless for example; when talks about deciding on a fancy dress outfit in a morning, but having a mask for the outfit bought online by the same afternoon. Overall a very readable  page turner, when not wanting anything too heavy.

Insomnia by Stephen King No Spoilers

I liked the first hundred pages or so and the epilogue, but not so keen on the middle and there was a lot of middle! The book was 760 pages in total.

There are three main themes. The first is about a retired man, rebuilding life after death of wife. This was an interesting theme to think about.

The second theme was about women refuges and abortion clinics; so if these are sensitive subjects, do not read.

The third theme is the paranormal / sci fi theme. I would have enjoyed the book without this because the man’s story was so interesting. Plus this theme did not engage me  because too far fetched for me and as so much of it, made the book drag.

This was my first Stephen King. Is it typical?

Tramlines Music Festival 21-23 July 2017 featuring Busker Buses

In addition after a year or two absence, Busker buses are back.

2013: Crookes, Darlingtons, Fratellis
They used to be free, but now have to have wristband to use.

I have loved them in past and would gladly pay a few pound per ride. But not sure what to pay £50 for a few rides.

Fun Friday #11: Summer Projects🌻💛🎶: Summer Love ❤️ that Lasted

A day in my life

I have been working in the same office for 11 years since 3rd July 2006.

During 11 years time I have lived in 3 houses (1 rented room in shared house and 2 houses I have owned), in Sheffield so my daily routine has changed slightly. 

I work managing data from trials of pharmaceutical drugs that are being developed. I can not go into details about this because in this industry really confidential, but if you have specific questions about this sort of work, feel free to ask and I will answer as much as confidentiality allows.

I’m awoken at 6.55am by my radio alarm coming on with Chris Evan’s I. BBC Radio 2. I find Chris Evan’s irritating but, I also do not like irritating jingles and adverts on commercial stations. Ideally I would like to wake to music but usually, it is sports update. I also like news bulletin within ten minutes of waking which is my cue to get up. I get up after 7 bulletin.

I dress and eat cereal and I’m out of house at 7.30. I walk to tram stop. I’m in office 35-40minutes later between 8.00 and 8.45.

My work days involve  teleconferences with internal colleagues or clients, lots of e-mails, execel spreadsheets, running reports and I have access to electronic databases   data in which I go into to check data. I usually stop for lunch at 13.30.

For lunch today I ate a bread roll with slices of chorizo in, an orange and an apple.

I can leave anytime from 4. I need to  put in 75 hours over 10 days, but have some flexibility on how much do each day. So exactly when finish depends,  if have late meetings or afterwork activities or need to do extra to get more done.

On this day met my Mum and Auntie at Centertainment Sheffield as we were going to see Greenday together at the Arena. We ate at Bella Italia. I ate Marco Pollo which was duck in a plum and spring onion sauce. I drank a glass of water.

Greenday was on stage from about 8.35 to 10.55. It is 11.30, on the tram home should be in bed for just after midnight.