Are all true stories: non fiction? Review of The Zoo Keeper’s wife.

I approached this book as a novel but looking it up after reading I see it is classed as non fiction. This means currently I’m questioning what non fiction is. Are all books based on true stories non fiction?

Approaching the book as a novel, I found it very text book like a times albeit not a hard core  arduous text book to read. But spinning that round, if it is a textbook it is a user friendly text book because the chronological order has a good narrative running through which keeps you wanting to read more. The opening chapter draws you in. It is very descriptive; describing the central characters Jan and Antonina and their zoo but it a more free flowing natural way then later passages that seem more text book like. The opening chapter and the book’s title the zoo keeper’s wife create a homely, wholesome image which creates a sharp contrast to the war that follows the opening chapter.

The book is obviously well researched, but sometimes it felt like superfluous facts were shoe horned in such as when describing someone thinking; describing Neuron pathways.  The book did make some interesting points comparing animals to humans. Overall it was a good read, but I’m looking forward to seeing it brought to life further in the film which I will capture the colour and quirky atmosphere of the zoo and  engage on a more emotional level. I think watching film first would not ruin this book as the book, is very factual and could be dipped into after to check accuracy of the film. From looking at stills from the film, it looks like in glamorises the book. Considering Antonina mucks in with the zoo and was bed ridden for part of the war; I’m not so sure she looked as glamorous as film on surface portrays.

Scavanger hunt 3 to come next weekend….

As a teaser ….Scavenger 3 is based upon the following

Book inspiration including books made into films out in 2017

I thought I would have several books with cats on the cover, turns out I do not! But loving an opportunity to look at book covers; as when read the focus is on the inside!

There are whole books about cats such as Cat called Bob then cats are part of other books; surely there must be loads of books with cats on the cover? Have you got any?

Book Scavanger 2

A book with letter Z in title or author’s name.

A book that was passed to me by someone who was given it, as a secret Scrooge. It looks like it was originally at Aberdeen library.

No intention of reading all 100 having, already battled through some of the author’s books including Donna Tartt and Angela Carter.

A Classic 

Do not really go for classics, but this is a puffin classic.

Oldest book on shelf

Depends whether first written or one I have had longest which is hard to remember.

I have picked this book which had as child and was second hand then so held together by selotape.

Book with key on cover

I’m not sure whether this is a key or not, but can not find anything better. It has definitely got a door on the cover. It is a book written partly by Cherie Booth; who was married to Tony Blair about the experiences of spouses of British prime minster’s before herself.

Book with animal on cover

Following on from, Roald Dahl giant peach, a adult Ronald Dahl book of short stories with a pig on cover.

A book with a girl on the cover

A to be read. Read other Diane Chsmberlin; good for holidays; so maybe this will end up being a holiday read.

A book with star on cover

A book with gold lettering

Something on shelf which is not a book

Ballerina my parents bought me in Spain.

Music Scavanger 2

A CD with a Z in title or artist name.

The band the Zutons who’s name is also included in the album title. The Zutons originally penned Valerie; made famous by Any Whitehouse.

CD with key on cover

Multiple keys on Oasis Single; Let there be love. B sides are Sittin’ Here in Silence (on my own) and Rock ‘n’ Roll Star (Live at City of Manchester Stadium July 05).

CD with animal on cover 

A crocodile

On the cover of Beady Eye album; Liam Gallagher’s post Oasis band which is now also disembanded as he embarks on his solo career.

CD with girl on cover 

Two girls on Drugdealer Cheerleader cover. My favourite Drugdealer cheerleader song Fireworks is the first track on this album.

CD with star on cover

There was a star on the cover of Drugdealer Cheerleader album with the girls on. 

This Oasis single also had lots of Stars on.

The single Somgbird has the B sides (You’ve got) the heart of a star and Columbia live.

CD with gold letters

I could not find anything with fully gold letters on, but the letters on this T. rex best of are outlined in gold. Another cover with stars on.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month (Daily Word Prompt is Control)

Are we stigmatising by only talking about mental health in terms of those who have problems with mental health?

This article defines mental health as follows:
Mental health is defined as a state of well-being in which every individual realizes his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to her or his community.

In that case everyone has mental health. Why do we act like only those with problems have mental health. Would there be less stigma if we acknowledged that everyone has mental health? Then if same way someone can talk about physical health like my leg hurts today they could talk about mental health? Sometimes mental health can be fine and sometimes in life it is not.

My Loud Bipolar Whispers

Hurray! It is May!

May is Mental Health Awareness Month where we increase awareness of mental illness and mental disease by education and through many open discussions and activities throughout the world.

Even though everyday is mental illness or mental health day, May is a very important month for all of us

It is time to wear your green ribbons or just wear the color green.

Mental Health Awareness Month is also referred to as “Mental Health Month” and has been observed in May in the United States since 1949, reaching millions of people in the United States through the media, local events, and screenings.

Mental health is defined as a state of well-being in which every individual realizes his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to her or his community.

Mental health includes…

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More Hull city of culture sights: from steel bears to a bare blue army.

Another Larkin toad.

Seen at here:

Also saw a Larkin toad. Also saw a Larkin toad in a front garden in Cottingham as whizzed past.

Bears on lampposts in Albany Street.

Clock in flower bed.

Wilberforce statue from Princess gardens.

Lovely little walled garden behind Wilberforce myseum in the museum quarter.

I did also attempt to take a picture in Ferrens art gallery but, failed because as I have now found out for you; this is not allowed. They have interesting exhibition called skins, for those who do not mind nudity; statues and pictures. Pictures include those of Sea of Hull project. Where masses of naked volunteers were painted blue for art installations. There is interesting video showing the making of the installations; with the naked blue army wandering through Hull.

Hull City of Culture: Good Friday day out

30+ moths, 2 toads; Land of Green Ginger, gold Post box and Gold phone box; features of a walk around Hull