A Woman’s Work by Harriet Harman

Harriet Harman became deputy leader of the Labour Party. The below post has reminded me what she said, when I saw her about, why she did not try to become leader.

Her whole life was focussed on doing the job in hand and achieving results rather than plotting the next step on the career ladder and there was always an element of self-doubt about whether she would be good enough for the top job. An ambitious man doesn’t harbour such self-doubt even if he is much less qualified for the job than a woman

She was clearly doing tasks make MPs were not doing including spending a lot of time listening to women in her constituency.


A Woman’s Work by Harriet Harman

With this year celebrating 100years since the first women were allowed to vote Harriet Harman was part of the trend towards greater involvement of women in politics.

In 1982 when I was born the UK, had a female prime minster; Margaret Thatcher. A few weeks before I was born Harriet Harman was elected in a by election as a monster of parliament (MP). Harriet Harman as the post below details was the 10th female prime minster. At the time she was elected she was pregnant; she was the first pregnant minster. Currently Australia’s prime minster is pregnant.


A Woman’s Work by Harriet Harman

Last year based on hearing Harriet Harman on the radio, I went to see her speak at Sheffield City hall and bought and had her auto biography a Woman’s Work signed. An anecdote, I have now heard a couple of times and read in an interview and in a book, is about her getting calls to go into work one half term when she had promised to take her son to the cinema. This led to her having to see her boss Robin Cook, to explain herself. She did not know, what to say so said simply she was Unavailable. Cook interpreted this as meaning she had been with a lover. As Cook was having an affair, it would have been hypocritical to criticise her for doing the same. If she had told the truth that she was with her son at the cinema, when she was called she suspects she would have lost her job. A job she was clearly passionate about, although she still held family first and therefore believed that, it was not right to break a promise to her son.

This book is book club book at the beginning of April, therefore having read it last year, I’m trying to refresh my memory. In the below post there is quotes from specific pages.


Mr and Mrs Smith

Not being a film buff, I have come really late to this one. It came out 13 years ago in 2005. In that time Jolie and Pitt, have had time to get together, separate and have how many children together? I recorded it, when I saw it was on tv the other night.

Th trailer basically, tells you that they are both secret agents, that get pitted against each other, but I think it takes a long time to get to this point in the film (at least through 2 ad breaks), by that time I had lost the thread a bit). I was quite intrigued by the start, where they were in couples therapy. Not been a fan of action films, it is no surprise I did not like those parts.

Have you watched Mr and Mrs Smith? Recently, or in 2005?

Spoiler alert

At one point, I felt some suspense when it was unclear whether they were going to stop trying to kill each other and be together. But then once got together, it just seemed to go on and on.