Acquainting with Ugh Mango blog, Life in Helsinki and more!

Interesting post about Helsinki. It is apparently a good place for coffee ☕️. It is international coffee day on Sunday 1st October. I will be doing an If we were having coffee ☕️ for it. One of my points will be why do people ask for coffee ☕️ extra hot?

I have discovered this blog through Life of Angela’s have you met feature. So far I have read and enjoyed post on what’s in bag, copying Rachal Green from Friends looks and a list of 15 interesting questions … good Questions which with answer could each be a post in selves.

The blog looks really neat with very good quality photos.


I have come to an point in my life where I don’t know what I want to do next. I have nice job and an education but that’s not something that I am tempted to do rest of my life. There is so much that this world could offer to me and I feel like it’s time to change the scenery. At the same time I love my country and I love living in Helsinki.

I just read a blog post from Jenny where she listed pros and cons about life in Boston. As a nosy person, I loved reading it. So why not steal the idea heheh? Now or never would be the best time to do a similar post. For myself but also for you who wonder what it’s like to live in Helsinki.


Quick run down of Helsinki

Helsinki is the capital and largest city of Finland but…

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Lady’s Bridge; a picturesque, historical Sheffield bridge.

Lady's Bridge | Sheffield 2017 | © Little Bits of Sheffield | SP1020413E

Lady’s Bridge is the oldest bridge to cross the River Don in Sheffield.  It is also the name of the album released by Richard Hawley in 2007.

Read about the Bridge HERE

Listen HERE to the album track Tonight The Streets Are Ours.

Bonus song fact: Tonight The Streets Are Ours featured in the opening scenes of Banksy’s film Exit Through The Gift Shop.

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Whose Space is it Anyway? IKEA Everyday Wonderful signs.

Whose Space Is It Anyway?

“The Wonderful Everyday” is an advertising slogan used by Ikea.  These words have been installed in South Street Park overlooking the railway station.  On the path next to the advertising slogan is the A4 laminated notice presumably attached to the lamp post by the advertising agency working for Ikea.

Many people in Sheffield have enjoyed the spectacle of the wording above the station.  I assume the space in this public park has been rented out to Ikea as part of their promotion for their new store opening in Sheffield this week.  The notice next to the word installation is a little more ominous if not Orwellian.  In order to read the notice members of the public would need to be in the park!  It suggests that simply entering the park they have given consent for an advertising agency to use their image in future Ikea…

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Sheffield IKEA Wonderful Everyday launch events #The Wonderful Everyday

Wonderful everyday in advance of IKEA opening in Sheffield.

I also saw the sculpture made of Allen keys.

I enjoyed reading 34 days in the IKEA reading room within the station. I did not know when I picked it up from book shelf from any of the cover blurb that it was appropriately set in Sheffield just two years ago. It features places I know very well and as some events dated then I know what I was doing in Sheffield on the days mentioned!

Thanks Chelia from Pink for Days for this quote which summarises how great reading rooms / libraries are!

I have had a second journey on one of the IKEA teams.


Another view on Kith and Kin, Desire under the Elms and a picture of Doncaster’s modern theatre.

John's Random Musings

Not blogged for a while, mainly because ‘life stuff’ keeps getting in the way, but here’s a round up of my most recent theatre reviews.

There are two excellent plays playing at Sheffield Crucible at the moment – Of Kith & Kin and Desire Under The Elms.

Of Kith & Kin is playing in the smaller space of the Studio – I wasn’t entirely sure what I was expecting when I walked in, I thought it may be a quirky comedy about a gay couple raising a baby, but it turned out to be somewhat darker than that. Written by Chris Thompson, who used to be a social worker, it’s full of biting dialogue and there’s two great performances from the lead two actors, James Lance and Joshua Silver. I still remember Lance from his role in I’m Alan Partridge, but this production gives him a chance to show his…

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