Wonderwall360 Careers: Working Mum’s in acting careers

The below article from the BBC shares thought from Mother and actress (IT crown and humans) Katherine Parkinson and her current boss Tamara Harvey, who has been documenting her juggles as a working Mum using the Twitter hashtag #workingmum

working mums

A BBC article, about possibility of job shares in theatres. I think it could cause disappointment if some people missed out on seeing a big star; but if it was clear which performer in each show at time of booking that is fine. Also when not heard of either name that is fine.

theatre job shares

Wonderwall360 Careers: How to make it fair when women take a career break

Before taking a maternity break Serena Williams was tennis 🎾 number 1. Previously she would have had to start from scratch to get her rankings and being at the bottom of the rankings would have meant she was ineligible for competitions like Wimbledon. In sport when you can only play for a limited time which, coincides with fertile time, taking time out to have a child is a risk to career but, then if that means relinquishing all that have previously achieved that feels unjust.

On the other hand will tennis as with other careers, it is not really fair if someone who has taken a career break to be treated same as someone who has worked continuously. If parents miss promotions when on career breaks then ultimately they can end up in a lower position being paid less than someone who started at the same time as them.

Any thoughts regarding this dilemma?

In the last paragraph I deliberately said parents rather than Mother although in UK despite, the introduction of shared parental leave it is more women than men that take career breaks to care for infants and subsequently work part time. One fact putting off Father’s doing the same is the damage to career of taking a career break. Therefore this is an important topic for all, regardless of whether parents or potential parents as it is about equity for those who reject career breaks and those who do not.

Wonderwall360 Hump Day Careers: Working women


From the pictures shared the last two weeks think it is clear I believe women can aim higher than being a princess, yet still dress up in a range of roles, earning her own money. Currently, though it is challenging for women who want to be Mum’s and work. By in large it is Mum’s who have to do the biggest balancing act; yes there parents can take shared leave in UK, but it is not yet popular in the UK. I believe in Scandinavia it is more common for Father’s to take away from their careers to care for children; has any one experience of this? Any other experiences to share? Feel free to write a guest post,

I previously write this post on the subject for International Women’s Day.

International women’s day 8th Mar 2018: Balancing Work and Children

Wonderwall360: Hump Day. Careers: the Good, The Bad and the Ugly: Letter from myself at 60 to myself now

Last week I published a letter from myself now, to myself at 17. I’m currently juggling, two jobs and hope it all works out in the end, nut i do not know yet whether it is going to work out.  I hope it does but, I just do not know. I have written a letter based on what I hope Sara 60 will be able to tell me.


Dear Sara 35,

I know it is hard at the moment, you are juggling two jobs and sometimes have to work 8 days in a row. All that and you are earninig less than you did before redundancy. But keep, applying for research jobs at the university. You get to be involved in lots of interesting research. For some of the research you have authored articles in journals.

You have worked 3 days a week, since your first child was born. The university is a good place to work in terms of balancing work and family. Lot’s of people work part time. As unlike role prior to redundancy you are not dealing with sponsors in the US who demand that certain tasks are done that day even if it already 6pm for you. Therefore it is much easier to be flexible around school dor offs, pick ups, sports days, nativity plays, children being sick ands recently university open days.

As the work is interesting and rewarding and working 3 days, gives a good work balance you are happy to continue and are not thinking of retitirng yet.

You have now paid of your mortgage after extending the house.

Keep it up. I know lots of people around you tell you , it will be alright in the end. But I’m telling you now It is ok in the end.

From Sara 60