Sheffield City of Seven Hills: Annual July Culture

In addition to Tramlines in July, for the last 4 or 5 years, local aspiring performers have come together to perform in Sheffield’s theatres a specially developed play with Sheffield stories. The show that I saw tonight, will be performed tomorrow and Saturday night.

It is a rich story. Possibly a little too ambitious, with all that was crammed in which distracted from it’s coherence. In echos of Everybody is Talking about Jamie there was a Transgender character in addition to a vicar, a ghost and asylum seekers. In all but name the opening of Sheffield’s Ikea store was commentated apart from it was called, Skandi.

There annual plays are certainly interesting and a great opportunity for locals; making it a worthy July tradition to continue.

June Summary


2 and 3 of Steig Larssen’s Millennium trilogy.

Wednesday www Reading

The other couple

www Wednesday reading

Started and gave up on Memoirs of a Geisha.


One Flew over Cuckoo nest

One flew over cuckoo’s nest at Sheffield theatre


30 days wild

#30DaysWild Summary

Hot air balloon flight

Floated into sunset on a hot air balloon

Festured in Suffragette scarf art / parade.

London Suffragette Procession: The End? Part 3 #Procession2018

Do you remember the first time? Love and Information Discussion (Contain spoilers)

My first time was in Sheffield. My second time could be Sheffield next week or somewhere else in the future. That is for seeing Love and Information at the theatre. I would see it again because so, much in it and type of show could miss nuances or forget whole characters by the end as so, many characters and so fast paced. Would I be able to say, I can not remember the worse time? (1)

Just before the show started, read this in the programme:

Wondered what had let self in for, for next 45minutes. How can there be no location and no character identity? What would that leave there to be? Luckily it was character led. As stated above lots of different characters in lots of scenarios. Rereading above I remembered the context, that it was an interview with a designer from the show. They are saying the script did not provide locations etc… I kind of find, that hard to believe or maybe I need to see the show again or see script. To see whether words could have been given to different genders. One scene that certainly identified, at least the gender of one character was where character tells someone they are there Mother. Then there is the scene with two priests. Think it would have been vicars rather than priests if had not been two men in the scene. The words if memory serves me would probably have worked with one or two female vicars; but taken on a different meaning. Therefore, although the performers were amazing, if I was to see it again then I would prefer a different production of it to see how else it could be interpreted. The characters could be different races or genders to in this production; in the main.

I think it is natural to try and find patterns, but maybe some plots you just have to accept like they are? This is how I felt about Olive Kitterage (2). To me the theme was memory. Hence I wonder if it could have had a more appropriate title. A show in Sheffield around memory including different scenes with couples; why not take from the Pulp song Do you remember the first time? There is the couple talking about dissecting a chick to see it’s memories so, could go for a shock title; smashed chicken brains, chicken brains on toast… But then not every scene is about memories …Maybe I’m thinking about this too much but it was a thought provoking play.

1. Do you remember the first time is a song by Sheffield band Pulp. It contains the line, I can not remember the worse time.


Brief review Love and Information. In Sheffield until 14Jul (no spoilers)

1hour 45mins, no interval; as long as a football match. Like the one Belgium was playing in and therefore what was competing for more attention. My attention did not wander to the match too much. At the end I was applauding enthusiastically … as the metaphorical curtain, went up and the applause started; I managed to check the score and burst into applause.

I was also applauding for the performers. There was just 6 performers and they were all on for most of the hour and 45minutes or they must have been quickly changing between scenes. It was fast paced with the performers continually changing character, lots of dialogue therefore very impressive.

It was the type of plot where there is no chronological order and perhaps no theme? If you like everything to be neatly tied up and a theme then it is not for you. If you like randomness; Father Christmas, Japanese lady in kimono, decapitated chickens and good performances then go for it! You may even want to see it again. I would see it again but, not tomorrow; England playing or Friday because that is Belgium’s next match.

Titanic the musical

At the beginning, I wondered why I had bought a ticket. I’m not the biggest fan of musicals, I had no one to go with and it cost £33. When I bought the ticket, they said it was not the same story as the film.

The first half, presents a range of characters. Including interestingly on the eve of the vote, in Ireland tomorrow an unmarried pregnant Irish women, fleeing alone.

Just before the interval is when the ship hits the Titanic (I don’t think that is a spoiler!). The lights come up over the stalls. Then suddenly there is a crash and the stalls and stage are plummeted into pitch blackness.

The second half is the story after Titanic hits the iceberg. The most sombre end to a musical I have ever seen.

Not the type of music which I don’t like that has very thin plot, not much dialogue; just songs loosely held together. It had a relatively rich plot and the music did not interfere; enjoyable watch.

March Summary


The month started with a blog party for World book day.

Round up following World Book Day blog party 🎉 🎉 🎉

The life I left behind

What I’m reading / want to read

All the Breaking Waves by Collette McBeth

All the Breaking Waves by Kerry Lonsdale

All the Breaking Waves: Kerry Lonsdale Contains SPOILERS


Japanese Girl’s Don’t Die

Japanese Girls Don’t Die

50 Shades

50 Shades Freed Contains SPOILERs


Dunkirk (2017)

Finding your feet

Finding your feet

Mr and Mrs Smith

Mr and Mrs Smith


Chicken Soup

Chicken Soup at Sheffield’s Crucible Soup until Saturday 3rd March

Frost v Nixon

Frost v Nixon


Ed Byrne; very middle class and he knew it! Good evening.