Titanic the musical

At the beginning, I wondered why I had bought a ticket. I’m not the biggest fan of musicals, I had no one to go with and it cost £33. When I bought the ticket, they said it was not the same story as the film.

The first half, presents a range of characters. Including interestingly on the eve of the vote, in Ireland tomorrow an unmarried pregnant Irish women, fleeing alone.

Just before the interval is when the ship hits the Titanic (I don’t think that is a spoiler!). The lights come up over the stalls. Then suddenly there is a crash and the stalls and stage are plummeted into pitch blackness.

The second half is the story after Titanic hits the iceberg. The most sombre end to a musical I have ever seen.

Not the type of music which I don’t like that has very thin plot, not much dialogue; just songs loosely held together. It had a relatively rich plot and the music did not interfere; enjoyable watch.

March Summary


The month started with a blog party for World book day.

Round up following World Book Day blog party 🎉 🎉 🎉

The life I left behind

What I’m reading / want to read

All the Breaking Waves by Collette McBeth

All the Breaking Waves by Kerry Lonsdale

All the Breaking Waves: Kerry Lonsdale Contains SPOILERS


Japanese Girl’s Don’t Die

Japanese Girls Don’t Die

50 Shades

50 Shades Freed Contains SPOILERs


Dunkirk (2017)

Finding your feet

Finding your feet

Mr and Mrs Smith

Mr and Mrs Smith


Chicken Soup

Chicken Soup at Sheffield’s Crucible Soup until Saturday 3rd March

Frost v Nixon

Frost v Nixon


Ed Byrne; very middle class and he knew it! Good evening.

Watergate (The Post and Frost v Nixon

Frost v Nixon

Seeing Frost v Nixon at the theatre has prompted me today, to try and learn more about Watergate. I read various blogs then turned to Google and wilipeadia so apologies if the below not accurate. Also it may not be accurate because, it seems very complicated and this is just my understanding from what I have read.

From wilikapeadia, I found that Watergate was an office in Washington, it was the head quarters of the democratic National Committee. Nixon was a member of the republication party that were opposition to the democratic party. The office was broken into on 17June1972, by 5 men.

Once investigated, it was found that the burglers were in possession of money that had been given by individuals to fund Nixon’s re-election campaign. Therefore this suggests dishonesty within republican office, attacking their opposition the democratic party. Of course it is possible for party members to have untaken this without Nixon’s knowledge. It inevitably caused scandal and people believed Nixon did know and tried to cover up his involvement.

In then Whitehouse there was a system that recorded conversations that occurred there. After a legal battle Nixon was forced to hand over transcripts of the tapes. However partly due to ill health I BELIEVE, Nixon received a pardon without a trail and therefore in a court of law was not found guilty. The scandal did cause him to resign. The subsequent interviews by Frost aimed to get Nixon to admit to wrong doing in relation to the Watergate burglaries.

Trip Down Memory Lane With Frank Wills, Security Guard Who Reported The Watergate Burglary

Watergate was not the only scandal of Nixon’s presidency; there was also scandal as regards Pentagon papers relating to the Vietnam war. The revealing of the Pentagon Papers in 1971 was covered in the recent film the Post. According to an article from the guardian have read the pentagon papers ‘Proved successive administrations had lied about the war in Vietnam”.  Nixon was president in 1971. Apparently the end of the post film references the Watergate burglary that occurred in 1974 and this can seen as a segue into the film all the president’s men.

The Post: Brief Film review


The play I saw last night; Frost v Nixon covers the time from Nixon’s resignation through recording of 4 interviews by frost of Nixon.

SPOILER alerts the big question … did Frost get a confession from Nixon?

In the first 3 interviews Frost manages to draw out his answers to questions without giving much away. Between the third and fourth interview there was the long Easter weekends. One of Frost’s researchers goes back and goes through the publically available transcripts and finds that Nixon new about the Watergate burglary only 3 days after it happened when he said he did not know about it tuntil much later. In the play Frost uses this to get the president to admit he had done wrong.

Fascinating to have learned some history. Read interesting blog today about why we love reading / watching based on true life!

Why do we like books / : films / theatre based on a true story?

Frost v Nixon

As the audience arrived, the stage gradually got fuller; with the cast bustling around the stage set as a TV set. Then sudden darkness! When the lights went up; the scene was the resignation of President Nixon.

I did not research, before I went in. So I did not know about the whitegate scandal or what happened in the Frost / Nixon interviews. I also did not know; it was straight through with no interval!

I did not learn, exactly what the Watergate scandal was. I will have to google; it is good it has enlightened a little and prompted me to learn more. I learnt that is where the term ‘gate’ to describe ‘unfortunate’ circumstances was first used. It is funny because unknowingly I had earlier; used the phrase ‘kitchen gate’ with the friends I was at the theatre with.

After the resignation the play showed both sides of the negotiations before the interviews. Then the interviews themselves . Thinking there would be an interval I was finding these a little long. I was surprised when the forth and final interview started and began to suspect the play was during to a close.

The play is about the games played between politicians and the media. Today with the presence of social media the game is altered; no tweets from Nixon! Nixon was as aware, as Frost of the game being played! The play felt long at times, because Nixon gave long winded answers that, did not really entertain or answer the question. Although the title of the play, billed it as a contest; between Frost and Nixon,the play showed these was more to it than that. Frost had researchers and Nixon had advisers. Did either team triumph? Are you familiar with the history?

Everyone’s talking about Jamie now in London

I loved it in Sheffield. It seems Londoners are loving it too.

From Drag Queens to Bondage aka Everyone’s talking about Jamie to 50 Shades of Grey

I would see it again, it is on in London untill April.


The Band, Sheffield Theatre Review

The Band features Take That music. I was not interested in buying tickets for it; because as a teenager Take That was my sister’s band; therefore on principle I could not like them.

The show is a nostalgic look back on the 90s. Before the show there is a screen showing teletext news stories from apparently 1993. For those, who do not know teletext; it was a predecessor for the internet that you accessed on the tv. It could be quite slow and clunky to operate and as the images below show it now looks quite dated.

The band are not refereed to as Take That in the show and could be any 90s boy or girl band like Boyzone or The Spice Girls. Anyone who was a teenager in the 90s especially if they were lucky enough to go to their first gig in the 90s will relate. The story looks at the perspective of 40 year old women looking back to going to the band gig. The story after the first gig contains twists and turns, surprises, disappointment, heartbreak; the full scope of the human journey.

The plot is central and the women not the band are the centre; it is a well developed plot that would hold up without the music therefore; even non Take That fans will enjoy. I like that the girls and subsequently the women were never skinny and pretty; the characters feel real. 30 and 40 somethings (especially women) will appreciate the 90s references like Top of the Pops and also the contrast to how differently life turns out than what you expect. Those younger than 30 may have seen the talent show on BBC 3 that found the actors that play the Band in the show.

My first gig was not a boy band; it was Oasis 20years ago; when I was 14.

Wonderwall: Be Here Now: 20 years ago…

However for my 18th; I went to and saw Robbie Williams who by that time had gone solo. Spoiler alert this show involved glittery ticker tape falling on to the stage. I think I may still have ticker tape from when I saw Robbie Williams. Unfortunately unlike, when I have seen other shows at Lyceum unless you were very near the front: ticker tape did not fall on the audience. But at times,  there was the feel good feeling of gig and at the end practically the whole theatre  was on their feet including myself. I was impressed and would have paid for the show. The show tours after Sheffield but is mostly sold out; with only a few if any tickets remaining.

Comparison of Kith and Kin and Desire under the Elms which are both simultaneously being performed under the Sheffield Crucible roof for the next week. Contains SPOILERS

How interesting that one audience sees a Mother kill her child whilst another sees the prospect of a Mother facing giving up her child; both under the Crucible theatre roof. Kith and Kin is in the Studio theatre untill 7th October and Desire under the Elms is in the main Crucible theatre untill 15th October.

Kith and Kin was my favourite of the two but that is unsurprising seen as I love Studio plays and Kith and Kin grabbed me first from the programme. In fact I purchased a ticket for Kith and Kin but, sought and acquired a free ticket for Desire under the Elms.

Kith and Kin would have had to be; very poor to not be the preferred.

Highly recommend Sheffielders see Kith and Kin at Sheffield Crucible Studio in the next week…

Desire under Elms the first scenes, could have been cut whereas every second of Kith and Kin counted! The first scenes of Desire under Elms; were only scenes that featured the eldest sons. The scenes were difficult to follow as heavily dialected. The play cane alive when the new Mother appeared on stage. Whilst saying the first scenes, could have been cut the play did not feel long even though just shy of 2 and half hours long as it was an entertaining watch.

Not sure how much mystery I have maintained as to which Morhet killed their baby in a dramatic twist.