Wednesday www Reading

What I have just finished:

Second in Millennium trilogy by Steig Larrson; The Girl who played with fire.

What I’m currently reading

Third in Millennium trilogy by Steig Larrson; The Girl who kicked the hornet’s nest. This is thew thickest of thew trilogy at over 700 pages. however it got into the action quicker than the previous two, which had a lot of perhaps surplus information. It continued straight from book 2. I still find the names a little bit confusing as characters are referred to by their first and surnames at different times. As the surnames as Swedish, I don’t know how to pronounce them correctly in head so think, just see word and don’t pronounce, therefore names do not stick in my mind. There are lots of names beginning with B. There is lots of characters and the book jumps one paragraph to another from one set of characters to another. You are engaged with one narrative strain and then takes you a sentence or two to realise setting changed.

What I want to read:

After Steig Larrson’s death the Millennium series has been continued by┬áDavid Lagercrantz, I would like to read at least one of those books as a contrast.

Next, I would like to read the Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena.

www Wednesday reading

What I have just read:

From Here to Maternity by Sinead Moriety

What I’m currently reading

Elenor Oliphant is completely fine. High exceptions, first reading session thought was going to be disappointing and it was going to be a little dull. But now read bit more different scenarios starting to emerge making it more complex.

What I want to read

The next in the millennium trilogy (Girl with dragon tattoo etc…) by Steig Larsson; have been saving them to read on holiday. ┬áJust learnt, after his death someone else has continued series so will probably want to read those too.

The Girl with Dragon Tatoo by Steig Larsson

After reading Girl with dragon tattoo,  I do want to complete the triology. Some of the beginning,  is a bit tedious going into finicial details but, worth bearing with it.  A lot of characters with Swedish names,  to get head around especially as sometimes same character is referred to by different names. It is a mystery / thriller type book.