Rocco, Sheffield

The courtyard is beautiful in the sun. When I was in the sliding doors were open; their size means that when shut the cafe will bright.

I have walked past many times and the rooftop garden sounded very glamorous. Perhaps I was too hyped by the rooftop garden and that caused disappointment. It was big and looked too empty. There were plants but, I think it needed more foliage; more like the rooftop garden at South bank that I recently visited would be better. Also, it was not as high as I expected from walking past the front of the building. The garden is at the back of the building and this being, hilly Sheffield the back is not as high up as the front of the building.

Good hot chocolate and Turkish delight cake.

Tramlines Latest

Hillsborough Park continues to be prepared.

The Exposed programme which lists fringe events, is now out. It is very comprehensive featuring a range of venues and one section listed by artist name and another section each pub by day. However, still there is more pubs offering music than, in the programme.

I picked a paper copy up from Rocco but, there should be copies in other pubs and cafes. It is also available online:

Fringe prog

I believe there is still a few tickets left for the paid part of the festival which has s break stages. So basically, there is a lot of music everywhere in Sheffield if the coming weekend. I feel spoilt for choice and there are times, I could do with being in two places at once over the weekend.

Here are some other listings, that I have seen:

At the Beehive

At the Mulberry

Where is home?

HOME is the prompt of this week’s 6 word story.

I consider myself to have two homes. There is my home where I live in Sheffield. Then there is Home where I grew up. I consider the town of Scunthorpe to be home. I follow Scunthorpe United in too ball. Specifically my parent’s home is mine. They live in house I grew up in so it is still my home rather than myself being a guest.

Today I started in Sheffield, with a walk in Hillsborough Park where there is Tramlines next weekend.

I then got a train to Scunthorpe. The train station midway between my two homes is Doncaster.