Sheffield 12th May

Artic Monkey pop up shop

Artic Monkey Pop Up Shops (Sheffield)

Millenuim gallery has Sheffield craft fare for today only.

There are art studios open today and tomorrow.

Open art studios, Sheffield

The Sheffield wheel is here until 29th May.

New wheel in town. plus mention of existing wheels (Sheffield)

View from the Sheffield Wheel

John Lewis has wedding related events such as men’s fashion show and Kuoni the honeymoon and fancy holiday company, in advance of the royal wedding next Saturday.

Artic Monkey Pop Up Shops (Sheffield)

The Artic Monkey’s have just released their new album Tranquility Base. This weekend there is 6 pop up shops around the world:

New York





And their home town Sheffield.

When I joined the queue at 9.10 the queue was round the corner of the building and continued to grow.

You can not see inside the shop from the outside as the windows are covered.

You enter through a tunnel, draped in black material, queue for a bit longer then enter the shop which is painted white. The shop has popped up in the former Google garage.

For sale is vinyl. Vinyl is maximum two per customer, the man in front of me wanted 3 so, I bought one for him then exchanged it and money on way out.

I nearly bought album on cd then realise I’m currently streaming for free through Alexis and will soon be paying to steam and I have not got a CD player so, put CDs on to iPod via laptop.

These were hardbound lyric books.

I just bought a tote bag. Plus picked up free postcards.