Tramlines 2019

The first of line up for Hillsborough Park has been revealed. Not quite as exciting as Stereophonics and Noel last year, but that may mean get to experience some of the Tramline attractions in city centre this year . The days everyone is playing has not yet been announced but, it is on 19-21st July. Manic Street Preachers and Happy Monday’s stand out for me. The below link to NME lists more.

The Gatehouse Cafe in Kelham Island

Kelhham Island continues to become increasingly gentrified with cool places popping up. A new one for me was Gatehouse cafe. Seriously, sophisticated cool, with a jukebox in the corner.

I had Parma hand eggs Benedict. Melt in mouth hollandaise contrasting with sharp vingarette of salad.

I drank salted caramel hot chocolate the flavour was amazing, intense, delightful and there were solid bits of fudge at the bottom.

See Wonderwall360 instragram for pictures.

Sheffield circus

There is currently temporary exhibitions, about circus at Western bank (within Sheffield university) and Western Park Museum.

As this extract from article about Western bank exhibition explains, this year marks the 250th anniversary of what is considered to be the birth of circus in Britain.

n 1768 in London Phillip Astley unveiled a show which, for the very first time, combined equestrianism, clowning and acrobatics within a now iconic circular ring. This ground-breaking performance marked the birth of a global phenomenon; 250 years later, circus continues to amaze and astound audiences, showcasing the talents of legions of impossibly skilled performers in shows around the world.

Western bank circus

I have been to the Western Park exhibition. There is circus posters, exhibits about different performers, stuffed circus animals and a canal skeleton. There are two screens, showing films. When I was there one screen was showing acrobats and other women with circus connections discussing circus. Additionally there are dressing up clothes for children. I have pictures on my Wonderwall360 instragram of a couple of the exhibits.

In a slight derivation to circus, Kelham Island Museum has archive of fairground memorabilia.

Sleeping out to raise awareness of homelessness

I ‘slept’ outside Sheffield cathedral to raise awareness of homeless, so writing this post to share that awareness.


We started with a meeting about the sleepout / Archer project. Then went outside about 8pm to set up. About 10 we had a tour of the facilities the Archer project has at the cathedral; kitchen, laundry and showers. Then I went out for the night.

Of course, this was not an authentic experience as we could have gone inside cathedral at anytime. Really on streets at night, would have no access to toilets or running water to wash hands. I had my house keys in bag and could have jumped into taxi at anytime and been in my bed in 15minutes. Also got to sleep in a group, so I did not feel scared. We laid in row against cathedral wall to shelter us, between two places where wall jutted out either side of stained glass window; it was cosy! It was my first time sleeping directly under stars. Looking up could see architecture of the cathedral and stars. Therefore for us this really was about an experience rather than real hardship.

The biggest discomfort for me was the hardness of the floor. I had a camping mat, which could feel concrete through. The zip of borrowed sleeping bag would not connect so, did not have a bag to get in. Most of night bag was on top, skewed to side of me. After many hours I did try, putting sleeping bag underneath me for extra padding. I was wrapped in cosy fleece blanket. Then had a plastic sheet over to keep it all dry. I was so uncomfortable, that constantly wanted to change position. Rather awkward as sandwiched between two people and when moved plastic sheet rustled, so did not want to disturb people. We were lucky not colder and barely rained. People sleepout in much worse conditions. I may have felt like could have had better equipment, but people sleepout on cardboard with no sleeping bag.

I did not feel vulnerable as we were in a group, with people awake keeping an eye on us. We had our bags between the cathedral wall and sleeping bags. As we were all in a row in front of bags; no one could get to them without stepping over us. Whereas on the street alone, it would be much harder to protect belongings.

There is not necessarily a shortage of accommodation, but people can not always make use of it. People may feel safer on the street than in a hostel. There were some spice users around who, were up all night rather than being in accommodation. Rules in accommodation surrounding being sober; are a barrier to addicts.

It was not as noisy as I had been dreading; but, it was never quiet. It was mainly the discomfort that kept me awake. At about 6 we were all forced to pack up. A message that the Archer project was keen to get across was how tough dealing with life is when sleep deprived. We all the next day did not feel very motivated to do anything; therefore organising things like benefits is a really difficult task for rough sleepers who are sleep deprived. Of course the more sleep deprived, get harder it is to function. This is where the Archer project comes into support clients in contacting the people they need to, completing forms, allowing them to use the address to receive post, phone access, access to electric to charge mobile if have one, along with more basic services like food and washing facilities. On the tour we also saw medical room where doctors, dentists, chiropodists etc… come to on different days, giving time for free to treat people.

In summary, it was an enlightening experience. However despite this and my research into homelessness for lent posts in 2017, it is still a complex subject.

Tramlines 2018 photos

The park was transformed.

Predictably I still adore Noel Gallagher.

Loved seeing Shed7 and Stereophonics again.

Stereophonics Wanna Get Lost with you’

Shed 7 Chasing Rainbows 🌈

I went in the park each of three days of festival as evidenced by getting a bag check tag for every day.

Sure the fringe would have also been enjoyable, but the only bit of Fringe that got to was seeing PJ One Drop on Saturday at the Horse and Jockey in Hillsborough.

As never left Hillsborough the tram strike was not a problem.

Ate tempura prawns 🦐 and chips 🍟 in the Park. Saturday in the park had Frenchie Poutine; from Gravy train. Sunday night an excellent curry in newly reopened, under new management Indian in Hillsborough behind Hillsborough Park tram stop.

Plenty of sun but, not intense heat of recent weeks which may not have been pleasant to sit in for extended periods.

All, in all a fantastic weekend in Hillsborough.

Sheffield City of Seven Hills: Annual July Culture

In addition to Tramlines in July, for the last 4 or 5 years, local aspiring performers have come together to perform in Sheffield’s theatres a specially developed play with Sheffield stories. The show that I saw tonight, will be performed tomorrow and Saturday night.

It is a rich story. Possibly a little too ambitious, with all that was crammed in which distracted from it’s coherence. In echos of Everybody is Talking about Jamie there was a Transgender character in addition to a vicar, a ghost and asylum seekers. In all but name the opening of Sheffield’s Ikea store was commentated apart from it was called, Skandi.

There annual plays are certainly interesting and a great opportunity for locals; making it a worthy July tradition to continue.