Royal wedding part 8: Feminist Meghan

She was not given away at the alter. She walked partway down the aisle alone and partway accompanied by Prince Charles. In her vows she did not promise to obey.

Now she is a member of the royal family, her bio has been published on the royal family’s website.The bio mentions her feminist principles , starting aged 11 by challenging sexist language in a washing up language. Continues with talk of her work as regards period poverty.

Let us not forget … forget me nots

Blue forget me not’s are the symbol of dementia friends. The white version was included in Meghan’s bouquet at the start of UK dementia awareness week.

They were also included in the bouquet because they were the groom Prince Harry late Mum’s favourite flowers.

After the wedding the bouquet was placed on the grave of the unknown soldier which is a monument to soldiers who died during World War One who’s body was not recovered. The current Queen’s Mother started the tradition of lying wedding bouquet on the monument, because her brother Fergus had been killed during World War One, albeit his body was recovered.

Central Dementia Cafe — Central Sheffield

What a great idea for dementia awareness week. Those with dementia may be more connected to other weddings than Harry and Meghan’s and enjoy chance to reminisce. Or as mentioning in my lent dementia posts, those with dementia may not have full understanding of celebrations but, can still enjoy celebrating.

I have been blogging my experiences of this wedding, so I have the posts to look back on.


via Central Dementia Cafe — Central Sheffield

What next for royals, now Harry and Meghan are married

Over the summer, Zara  the Queen’s Grandaughter and Princess Anne’s daughter, is due to have her second baby.

Princess Anne

12th October, Princess Eugene will marry Jack.

2 royal weddings in 2018 both at the same location: Harry and Meghan and Eugene and Jack

Perhaps within the year there will be baby news from Prince Harry and Meghan?

Wedding part 5: My memories

I went to work in my fascinator but then had to change into my uniform to start at 9am. My first break was 10am and I had a couple of glasses of prosecco in a plastic cup.

About 10 I saw George Clooney and his wife, in amazing bright yellow dress and hat arrive. I saw David Beckham pose for a photo with a young girl who had been at the Manchester gig where a bomb exploded. Victoria looked elegant in navy but, it did not stand out.

After my break, I tried to juggle catching bits of the wedding and working. I heard Stand by me; love that song. I missed the walk down the aisle and the vows. I saw a catch up of some highlights, just before 2pm when the BBC swapped from wedding to football coverage. With my lunch I had another small prosecco in a plastic cup.

I worked until 6pm then got to change back into my fascinator.