Another historic royal baby and wedding


No not an an anoucement of a honeymoon baby for Meghan or Harry. Harry’s cousin Zara has given birth to a baby girl. The girl will not have tirtle princess. She however broken record set by Prince Lois in April, for heavest royal baby recorded. Despite breaking the record set by Prince Loius the nerw baby, being much further down the sucession line, is getting less press than Prince Lois. No photos of baby yet released.

What next for royals, now Harry and Meghan are married

Princess Anne

The new prince’s name verses my prediction.

In addition to the wedding later this year of Princess Eugenie and Jack, in a first for the royal family there is to be a same sex marriage.  The Queen’s cousin Lord Mountbatten is getting married. It seems that the wedding is to be small and the Queen will not attend but this is not an indication that she is against same sex marriage; at the  State Opening of Parliament  2017, the Queen stated: “My government will make further progress to tackle the gender pay gap and discrimination against people on the basis of their race, faith, gender, disability, or sexual orientation.”

Royal wedding: Part 11 Other Guests Outfits

My favourite outfit was Amal Clooney. Loved the bright yellow and the shape of the hat.

Next I liked the green dress of Kitty Spencer’s below with her siblings (Prince Harry’s cousins on his Mother side).

Next I liked Meghan’s suits co star Abigail’s polka dot dress.

I also liked Kate’s sister Pippa’s dress.

Kate’s Mother also wore green like The Queen and Meghan’s Mother. I like this shade of green.

I also like this shade of green.

Chloe Maddeley has had criticism for cleavage shown in this outfit. It is revealing.

The mix of colours at weddings are fantastic. The greens like above, the blues like Sophie and Eugenie, the yellows like Amal and Kate and the pinks …

Both above are ex girl friends of Harry. On the right Chelsea Davy and on the left Cressida Bonas.

Royal wedding part 10: Royal Family outfits

Princess Anne, Prince Edwards’s wife Sophie.

The next royal bride Princess Eugenie.

Eugenie’s Father Prince Andrew and sister Princess Beatrice.

Eugenie and Beatrice’s Mother (Prince Andrew’s ex wife); Sarah Ferguson.

Zara Princess Anne’s daughter.

Princess Anne son Philip and his wife Autumn.

Kate Middleton and her daughter bridesmaid Princess Charlotte.

Royal wedding part 8: Feminist Meghan

She was not given away at the alter. She walked partway down the aisle alone and partway accompanied by Prince Charles. In her vows she did not promise to obey.

Now she is a member of the royal family, her bio has been published on the royal family’s website.The bio mentions her feminist principles , starting aged 11 by challenging sexist language in a washing up language. Continues with talk of her work as regards period poverty.