Victober: Queen Victoria’s likely influence on Eugenie’s wedding

Firstly, Eugenie name relates to Victoria; Eugenie Victoria Helena. Queen Victoria named her oldest daughter, Victoria, in turn that Victoria named her eldest daughter Victoria Eugenie. Helena is the name of another one of Queen Victoria’s daughters.

Queen Victoria

Prince Andrew

When Eugenie marries on Friday she is likely to wear white, which is a tradition started by Queen Victoria, before her wedding brides wore yellow and blue. Queen Victoria insisted her daughter’s wore white.

Blue wedding dresses

Yellow wedding dresses

Eugenie is likely to include myrtle in her bridal bouquet, which represents love and including it was a tradition started by Queen Victoria. It was also included in Meghan’s bouquet.


Victober info

Victober: Alice in Wonderland

Have seen  short performances of Alice a couple of times and about 9 years ago the film though can not remember much about it.. Of course it permeates into general conscious with people talking about Eat me, drink me and mad hatters tea parties. I once went on jeep safari and I did not know t the time, that thew quote the girl opposite me had on her leg was from Alice “Your completely bonkers, but all the best people are’. Therefore, I for a few months I thought I should immerse myself in it more, but thought the book may be too wordy for me. I instead decided to try audio book.
When I did some research in advance of Victober, just after completing the audio book; I found Alice was written in Victorian times.
I’m pleased I did go for the audio book, I think I may have found the book too slow. What I got from the book, was it was basically Alice continually shrinking and growing. The audio book I got was 2 hours long. I chose Sheridian Smith as narrator, to me it sounded like she was using her ‘phone voice’ and I did not engage with the narration as much as I thought I would.
One factor, I felt naive about, in terms of Alice in Wonderland was how Tweedle Di and and Tweedle Dum fitted in. Audibles have e-mailed and apparently the book I listened to is just the first in the Alice series. Having googled I have found Tweedle di and Dum do not come in until later in the series in Through the Looking-Glass and what Alice Found There
 Needless to say, I ‘m not in a rush to read or listen to more Alice, but I would watch other performances to Alice which can bring it to life.


I saw this post about Victober.

I’m too old to be that in to YouTube so sorry, not watched videos from founders.

When I was 7, I visited Queen Victoria’s holiday Home Osborne House on the Isle of Wight. It was my party piece that I could recite that, Queen Victoria had 9 children and 40 Grandchildren. Recently looking at royal family, I saw how they descended from Queen Victoria. Appropriately for Victober the royal bride 👰 of the month is Eugenie Victoria whereas one of Queen Victoria’s grandaughter’s was called Victoria Eugenia. Victoria Eugenie was Queen Victoria daughter Beatrice’s daughter. This months royal bride’s sister is Beatrice.

Have you read Victorian literature for example Bronte, Dickens…? Any recommendations?

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The royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan is tomorrow. During the ceremony they will be called henry and Rachel.

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They are getting married on the day one of Henry VIII wives; Anne Boleyn was beheaded.

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What will Meghan be wearing on Saturday?

Royal wedding tiaras

The Royal Family and me


The flavour of their wedding cake is lemon and elderflower.

Royal wedding cake Lemon and Elderflower (Iceland and John Lewis)

Royal Wedding Themed Cooking, Baking, and Crafting!

Marks and Spencer’s layer celebration cake

Wedding 6 word stories

I have been running, a completion for a 6 word story with the prompt Wedding. I will be hosting this completion again week beginning 2ndJune. The next two weeks, the post will be hosted by Kirsty on kirstwrites.

My attempt was:

 Two become one. Forever always happy.

Sheryl  also went for a fairytale finsh, with:

Vows sealed with a loving kiss.

Everyone else was a little more cynical…


Happily ever after. Only in tales.


Her bump was obvious. Inlaws glared.


She refused. I married her sister.


Gamble-roll your dice and pray.


He gazed and said
“You’ll do”

Grace Middlemas

Damn the divorce will cost lots.


Arranged marriage–their parents scored big.

Peter’s ponderings

Harried, parried, tarried, carried, married!


But the wedding pictures reflected otherwise…


Show me to the singles table.

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A post that is about Queen Victoria walking two of her daughters down the aisle after her husband albert’s death. I definatley like the term walking down the aisle more than ‘Giving away’ as that sounds like a woman is a possession to be passed from one man to another.


Blonerella’s preparation for the wedding



What will Meghan be wearing on Saturday?

In all liklihood white. Royal brides used to wear bright colours for example, Queen Mary married in purple. But Queen Victoria, at a time when the custom was to marry in yellow or blue; started the trend for white dresses.

BBC unspoken royal wedding dress rules

Blue wedding dresses

Yellow wedding dresses

Queen Victoria

It is likely to have a train for effect on the tv cameras. If she confirms it will have sleeves. However, I can see her going sleeveless. A group of knitters from Middlesbrough who have knitted a balcony scene, have predicted sleeveless but, if they are wrong they are aiming to have a new dress knitted before Meghan is out of St George’s chapel.



Queen Victoria

At birth, Victoria was fifth in the line of succession after the four eldest sons of George III: George. The two oldest had no children.

The next eldest , the Duke of York; Williathe Duke of Clarence (later William IV); and Victoria’s Father The Duke of Kent; therefore both wanted a heir. Victoria’s father, Edward, the Duke of Kent and uncle Fredrick, married on the same day in 1818. Fredrick had two daughters that died in infancy.

Victoria’s father died in January 1820, when Victoria was less than a year old. A week later her grandfather died and was succeeded by his eldest son, George IV. The Duke of York died in 1827.

Victoria turned 18 on 24 May 1837, she became Queen when, William IV died at the age of 71 years old.

Victoria married Albert in 1940 and later the same year their first child was born. Their first child Victoria Adelaide Mary Louisa was born in 1940.

At the time of Victoria brides usually wore yellow or blue, but Victoria started the trend of wearing white as today white is most popular colour dress. Victoria considered May weddings unlucky so would not like any of her children marry in May.

Victoria and Albert had a further eight children despite Victoria not liking being pregnant or breast feeding. Her children were:

Albert Edward who became Edward VII (b. 1841),

Alice Maud Mary (b. 1843),

Alfred Earnest Albert (b. 1844),

Helena Augusta Victoria (b. 1846),

Louise Caroline Alberta (b. 1848),

Arthur William Patrick Albert (b. 1850),

Leopold George Duncan Albert (b. 1853)

Beatrice Mary Victoria Feodore (b 1857).