The Gatehouse Cafe in Kelham Island

Kelhham Island continues to become increasingly gentrified with cool places popping up. A new one for me was Gatehouse cafe. Seriously, sophisticated cool, with a jukebox in the corner.

I had Parma hand eggs Benedict. Melt in mouth hollandaise contrasting with sharp vingarette of salad.

I drank salted caramel hot chocolate the flavour was amazing, intense, delightful and there were solid bits of fudge at the bottom.

See Wonderwall360 instragram for pictures.

Rocco, Sheffield

The courtyard is beautiful in the sun. When I was in the sliding doors were open; their size means that when shut the cafe will bright.

I have walked past many times and the rooftop garden sounded very glamorous. Perhaps I was too hyped by the rooftop garden and that caused disappointment. It was big and looked too empty. There were plants but, I think it needed more foliage; more like the rooftop garden at South bank that I recently visited would be better. Also, it was not as high as I expected from walking past the front of the building. The garden is at the back of the building and this being, hilly Sheffield the back is not as high up as the front of the building.

Good hot chocolate and Turkish delight cake.

Hot Chocolate, The Holt, Arundel Street, Sheffield

From the outside you enter through a garage type door. It is a large warehouse type space therefore no natural light and you can feel a draft. It has been decorated in shabby chic style.

The hot chocolate was creamy and had a good chocolately taste. It cost £2.50. It would have been more aesthetically, pleasing if it had not been served in a paper cup,

If we were having coffee ☕️ Sheffield coffee revolution (Sheffield university)

So we are here at Coffee Revolution within Sheffield University. They do some great sundaes.

If we were having coffee ☕️Would this sundae tempt you? It is Oreo sundae. It had strawberry, marshmallow and Oreo on a stick. Oodles of cream on top of chocolate ice cream and crushed Oreo. Then vanilla ice cream.

If we were having coffee ☕️If you are late, I can do some colouring whilst I wait; they have free colouring in sheets and crayons, by the till. I like the cup and saucer.

If we were having coffee ☕️

I would point out the light fitting as my Mum has been trying to think of a solution to a lightening issue and this kind of thing could work.

She is not sure if ultimately, wires everyone would annoy her. What do you think of the wires on display and making a feature of different light bulbs? It is also very fashionable at the moment. I need light fittings for hallway. Thinking of a copper one to reflect light possibly with one of the large trendy light bulbs, like in the above. Hopefully not too expensive so when hues out of fashion / I go off it, can change cheaply.

If we were having coffee ☕️

I would ask, what you thought diggers outside windows were doing.

If we were having coffee ☕️

I would say hardly, ever been in Sheffield Union as I went to Sheffield Hallam. I have been in Sheffield union: once before uni when came for an open day, once at Uni to see Badly Drawn Boy, once last year for a conference and once for coffee (hot chocolate). I like it, I want to go back!

Godiva toffee apple and cinnamon hot chocolate

Another work of art.

The hot chocolate was hotter, than the first time, I had. Such intense hot chocolate! I generally prefer dark chocolate to white, as darker chocolate has higher cocoa content but, the white chocolate lattice work is such good quality, that it is still very good.

The popcorn tasted of cinnamon did, not really get the toffee apple taste.