Lent Contemplation: Wednesday 12th April

St Vincent de Paul said “a doctor who keeps a person from becoming ill deserves more merit than one who cures him”.

Take time today to pray for change in the UK so fewer young people end up homeless.

I agree giving to hostels etc is treating symptom when also need to think what causes homeless in the first place.

Lent Contemplation. Friday 7th April: Finicial Decisions made today

  1. I twisted my ankle yesterday so wanted some ibuprofen in case there is some swelling to reduce. To save money I bought Wilkinson’s own brand rather than going into Boots to buy same thing for more. Not all young people may know if not living with parents that all ibuprofen is same drug but can be packaged differently, with singnificantly different prices
  2. to 7. Chose to back 3 horses each way at 50p each on the Grand National tomorrow.

8. Bought fish and chips.

8 decisions at 2p each is 16p.

Total among collected £7.60

Wonderwall Contemplation Monday 3rdApril: The big question; would I consider hosting?

The answer:

As I said yesterday I have two Godchildren and if it came to it in the event of their parent’s death, I would provide them a home for as long as they needed it. Whilst other children are not so lucky and end up in care which they have to leave at 16 and some can not cope and ultimately end up homeless. I would like those cases to be prevented before young people become homeless. Support for vunerable people can turn their lives around. Helping with that would be a great achievement.

At the moment I’m enjoying my own space and I’m past the stage of house sharing. Selfishly because I love my house I would not want it damaged. 

Additionally I would worry about my safety if I invited a stranger in to my house; I know it would worry my Mum as well. This view has possibly been back up by the possibility a homeless man last week killed members of a family in Stourbridge who had been helping him. Just a possibility right now so he may prove to be innocent. 

In summary, it is not something I’m going to be doing right now.