Lincoln knights 3 of 7: The fundraising for emergency accommodation 

In September all the knights will be auctioned off to raise money for a homeless charity in Lincoln; Normad Trust. The Norma’s trust will use it to buy emergency accommodation.

The Normad trust has sponsored a knight called ‘Not all stories are black and white”, which is something I learnt from my daily lent contemplation posts on Homelessness.

Instead of going for grey for their, not black and white elephant; it is brightly coloured. There are some great thought provoking messages on the back of the knight.

Lent Conclusion Easter Sunday 2017

I have become more aware of issues around homelessness but, still find it a complicated confusing subject. From the daily prompts I found on the charity DePaul’s website I collected £7.60 for example by collecting change to represent number of journeys taken in a day because some homeless people sleep in cars or on buses or counting conversations with family.

£7.60 is not enough to pay for one nights accommodation from DePaul as this costs £15. I will of course donate £15.

Although important to help those without homes I believe, it is even more important to try to prevent homelessness for example, by being aware of government policies such as reducing budgets for mental health issues or addiction which means people do not get the help they need and this can lead to homelessness.

Lent Contemplation: Saturday 15th April Prevention of Homelessness and Sucess Stories

Lent Contemplation: Friday 14th April

Homelessness research

When the daily prompt was to reduce stigma I designed the below. I wanted to make point that people who become homeless are the same as others but may have been less lucky in life; losing parents or being in care then having to leave care as a child of 16years.


Lent Contemplation: Saturday 15th April Prevention of Homelessness and Sucess Stories

Overall best to prevent homelessness. Prevention of homelessness involves having facilities so without, stigma people can get help for mental health issues, drug use, relationship issues, bereavement, finicial issues etc before they lead to homelessness.

Prioritizing mental health

Why Mental Health Matters at Work – Depression in the Workplace

The story of Josh, who was able to save money to get a room by staying at Nightstop shows how asking for help can turn situations around.

Lent Contemplation: Friday 14th April

Recently there has been tent cities in Sheffield in front of Park hill flats and on the roundabout in front of Ponds Forges.

Sheffield | Tent City

However, the council website suggests there is help available. I have learnt that it is not always straight forward to match the help available to where it is needed. Those who need help, are not always happy with what is offered.

More of what I have learnt.

Lent Contemplation: Monday 27th March what I have learned about homelessness