France flatlay and pictures from a Croatian holiday (Croatian goal and Wonderwall) #Worldcup2018

In advance of the final today.

A French themed flatlay.

It has been years since I went to France, so I do not have any digital photos.

I do have photos from a Croatian holiday. Croatia has a lot of beautiful islands, so you can island hop like in Greece. I only got to stay on one island though. However I did get to go to Dubrovnik. The old town of Dubrovnik within the city walls that you can walk on, is stunning.

From the walls, I saw this Croatian goal. Will there be Croatian goals today?

In places in Dubrovnik bullet holes have been left as a reminder of the conflict that led to Croatia’s creation from the former Yugoslavia. When England last reached a world cup semi final in 1990, Croatia did not exist.

The final picture is the Ston wall, which is a smaller version of the Great Wall if China, which you can walk on and admire, how it snakes before you and behind you.