Supercalifraglicous? Mary Poppin Returns film review

If you hate musical films then you are unlikely to like this musical film. Some who like musicals or who can really get into the spirit of the film may find it enchanting. others will be les enthusiastic , perhaps you need t go with low exceptions, be a child or go with a child to get the most out of it. If you go expecting to hear the classics like Supercalifraglistic, you will be disappointed as the they are not in the film.

Personally I did not mind the musical numbers, but was not wowed by them. Perhaps I have been spoiled by the musicals of the preceding January’s: La La aLand and The Greatest showman; Poppins did not seem to be on the same scale.
It was a long film, but did not drag for me . I can not find much to specifically criticise; found some of the acting in the beginning before Poppin’s arrival a little wooden, I’m not a fan of animation and the film contained some animated scenes. Overall, it was a pleasant viewing experience, i just felt like others have said not completely wowed.

The Favourite Film Review

I was not sure I was going to like this film, being a period drama, but it was better than my other options such as transformer film (my friend had already seen my first choice Mary Poppins … more on that hopefully this week). However this is no Pride in Predjuice or Downton abbey (such a relief not to watch that for two hours on Christmas Day). It is slightly bizarre; especially the ending, comical and I have seen it described as a period romp. It is more of a satire of a period drama than actually being a period drama, so don’t be put off by the costumes. Equally do not go expecting an accurate history lesson. It is about a genuine Queen Anne who was Queen 1702 – 1708.

Feminists may like the focus on three females. Three women playing mind and other games with each other. Queen Anne switching her favouritism over two of her servants; Sarah and Abigail both battling each other to be her favourite and therefore have power over England. It is good to see a Queen of that time receiving and taking advice from women rather than men. For any men (or women) that like the idea of women together; it does happen but subtly.

The Ending ….


Near the end Abigail who has had the other servant Sarah banished and is feeling smug, sickeningly puts her foot on top of one of Queen Anne’s beloved rabbits. She makes the rabbit yelp before releasing it, but Queen Anne hears. To put Abigail in her place again, Queen Anne makes Abigail go down on her. I looked away for a minute at this point and when I looked at the screen it was all black. I wondered if it was the end or technical issue as it seemed very sudden. I have had to ask my friend / read up on it to find out what happened. Apparently it went from Abigail going down on Queen Anne to the screen filling with images of rabbits. Online people are proposing different theories for the rabbits which the Queen had one for each child that she had lost in pregnancy or shortly after birth. Perhaps they symbolise how the Queen was using Abigail for her pleasure; as though she was merely a certain battery operated toy rather than an actual person to love?

November Summary


Read two Maureen Lee. Liked the first that I read best: The house by Princess Park. It told the story of Ruby’s birth just as World war 1 ended. It then picks up different part of her and her many descendants stories; from bringing up children during World War One onwards onto millennium new year eve. The other was Stepping Stones.

The fell walker by Michael Wood. Loved that was set in Keswick in the Lake District and referenced places I know. Some suspense was built as regards the murderer. I enjoyed the narrative of the journalist Ben, but was not keen by this being interrupted by a different narrative strand. I did not fully buy the logic to the conclusion of the murder mystery. Certain plot devices near the end which were meant to be, dramatic seemed far fetched, yet it was too inevitable how the situation would conclude.


Bohemian Rhapsody: learnt about the band Queen which, was just before my time and was also entertained, so can not ask for much more.

Titanic: Movie Review {20 years later}

Feel so old; something else that I can remember from 20 years ago! I first saw it at the cinema – just the once; it is not often I rewatch films, so I was not one of the people that went to the cinema  countless times to watch it. However, I have rematched it once a few times after I first saw it. Last night I saw Titanic the musical and I think I would watch the film again.

I think the actual story of the Titanic and the mix of characters that was potentially on it, means it has great potential for stories. I think the story of the Titanic film was good.


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Titanic film review

Tully: does it matter how post natal depression handled?

Been wanting to see, since saw trailer. Trailer shows an exhausted Mum with a newborn and two older children, getting a night nanny. The night nanny seems far too good to be true; you know there is going to be a twist. The film keeps you guessing almost to the end before revealing.

It has been criticised for not saying that the boy was autistic and the Mother had post natal depression, but I like that a person is not just their condition. Yes it romanticises post natal depression and does not make it clear how to handle / treat BUT this is not a documentary or educational film; it is a film for entertainment.

It entertained me! It has additionally prompted discussions about post natal depression.

Guernsey Potato Pie Film Brief Review (No spoilers)

Films often spoil the books, but not in this case. The book and film are good companions. The film brings the book to life. You could read book first or see film first or read book around watching film. Or …. not read the book and just watch the film. It would be a good film standalone. It is about an interesting part of history; occupation of Guernsey Off the English coast by Nazis.