Beep; a show about men beeping if tell a lie (Edinburgh fringe review)

The premise is that all men are fitted with implants that beep if they lie by government ruling. Of course got to suspend the disbelief at how quick government are able to pass and implant men. But it is a really fascinating concept. It reminded me of Patrick Ness The Knife of never letting go where men’s thoughts are audible.

In this show the focus is 6 late teens / early 20s; 4 men who get the implant and two girl’s. One of the girls is in a relationship with one of the men but, has just slept with his best mate one of the other three; so there is the pressure of keeping that secret which brings suspense to the show. There are some good performances and a cast of 6 allows different permutations of the group to be on stage at different times which adds interests. As well as drama there is also comedy.


Interestingly it actually the girl in the love triangle, rather than the man that is more feeling urge to blurt out the truth. When she, eventually does it has fatal consequences. The blood of the murderer pulling out his implanted chip is very realistic.

Jennifer Lack Narratively Speaking; exploration of representing mental health in arts (Edinburgh Fringe review).

Used the setting of an author giving a book tour talk,as a vehicle to discuss mental health and representing mental health in literature. For the show letters to Virgina Woolf, had been constructed to be read as extracts, from the fictional book at the centre of the show. The letters were like diary extracts, for the fictional books protagonist; a teenage girl grieving for her Grandmother her committed suicide by drowning like Virgina Woolf. The show explores how difficult, it is trying to linerase someone’s mental health. I have not said; mental health problems because everyone has mental health and like physical  health sometimes it is good and sometimes it is not. The letters were brought to life by the dramatisation, in a way that they would not have been if had just been reading a book. Interesting to think about how mental health issues can be represented in arts. During the Fringe a good representation of anxiety was Mission Her and Brawn gave an insight into male body dysmophia.

Mission Her for anyone suffering with anxiety or supporting someone suffering with anxiety…. (Edinburgh Fringe Review)

Brawn – A story of male body dismorphia (Edinburgh fringe review)

Jennifer Lack Narratively speaking is a good show to see for anyone interested in mental health or the process of book writing. It is akin to a book club, with author present to discuss book; apart from don’t bget tyo discuss during show, but it leaves you with thoughts to ponder.

It is at The Space at Jury’s inn, until Saturday.

Loch Ness Monster! — witchlike

Just read on witchlike that, it was on this day 22nd August (several centuries ago in 565, that the Loch Ness monster was first spotted. I have just bought a t-shirt of Nessi with a Real Madrid top like Messi, so it was a big coincidence to read this.

“From ghoulies and ghosties And long-leggedy beasties And things that go bump in the night, Good Lord, deliver us.” – Scottish Prayer Do you believe in Nessie, the legendary serpent that is said to dwell in the great loch of the Scottish Highlands? If so, you may owe your belief to an Irish monk […]

via Loch Ness Monster! — witchlike

I love you but; a play about coercive control (Edinburgh fringe)

A play illustrating what coercive control is. This is topical, after the introduction last year of the law against cocercive control.  The topic was also covered in the Archer’s last year.  It shows the fine line between loving behavior and controlling; which makes it harder to identify than physical abuse but; it can be as devastating. The play was interesting and featured some solid performances. It is at  TheSpace at Northbridge at 14.35 until Saturday 25th August.


Breathing Corpses (Edinburgh Fringe Review)

Another show continue my Fringe death theme. Featuring both suicide and murder. Also covers two way domestic violence within a heterosexual relationship, empty nest syndrome and male mental illness. The hotel cleaner’s character provided a touch of humour and romance to really make this a rich show. Great performances including from last minute stand in, who read Off the script. At TheSpace on the Mile 12.25 until Saturday.


Treasure Island (Edinburgh Fringe review)

What better way to start the day then with choruses of ‘What do you do with a drunken sailor?’. Plus some other pirate like shanties, theatrical performances inspired by the classic Treasure Island and some direct readings from the book itself. A fun show for adults and children at 10.55 each day at The Space at Niddry.


Edinburgh Fringe Improvisation

Improvisation acts are an opportunity to see performers attempt to come up with something entertaining on the spot. Yesterday I saw two improvisation acts.

Firstly during the recording of Jo Whiley and Simon Mayo’s show I saw Baby want’s chocolate; they were given a theme and immediately came up with a musical style song. It was towards the end of the show.

Then I saw Improvbungo at The Space at Niddry. They are there every night until Saturday at 9.20pm. As the audience was going in, we all had to write a location on a piece of paper, all these were put into a jar and then one was picked during the show. Similar audience interaction determined that the 6 actors would act out a thriller murder mystery movie set around a garage called the Mad Mechanic. Some audience members were given buzzers to influence the show. For example, when one buzzer was pressed the performer speaking had to on the spot develop and sing a song.