Edinburgh International Festival 3rd – 9th August

The Edinburgh international festival existed before the fringe; the fringe sprang up around it. However, now the fringe is bigger in terms of number of venues, variety and length. The international festival only lasts 1 week (3rd -9th August). Whilst the fringe lasts for 3 weeks.

Looking at the Edinburgh International What’s on Website the offerings do not really appeal to me as seems a bit dated to me or perhapas I should say more classical. There is Waking for Goddart, Shakespeare Midsummer and classical music amongst others.

See website for more details:


Edinburgh fringe festival: my picks from comedy section of programme

This is a major section. Big name stand ups often have shows at Edinburgh on their way to stardom. The big names return to do shows. Every year there is a prize for the best joke during the Edinburgh fringe.

The comedy section also included cabaret, comedy, drag and burlesque.

How to win a pub quiz – part comedy, part quiz,

Best of festival daytime: Bitesize.

Whisky and Gin tasting cabaret.

Link to full programme:


Edinburgh Book Festival

Some events that jumped out at me from the 81 pages on the website. Given anyone can write a book about anything; there is a great variety of events.

There are free readings most days at 10am.

Ian Rankin a Scottish author is appearing at a few events.

Ruth Jones who wrote tv aerials Gavin and Stacy and Stella is appearing as she has now wrote a novel.

Former prime minister Gordon Brown is appearing.

There are history, politics and women’s rights themed events.

There are reading discussion events.

At my book club we have read some translated books and wonder whether what we are critiquing is the author’s words or the way it has been translated.

After listening to Cousin Rachal, a discussion of that would be interesting.

Or after seeing Nick Hornby, discussing his book would be interesting.

In August Edinburgh is festival City!

Technically in August there are 5 festivals as follows:

  1. Book festival
  2. Art festival (visual art), much of which is free.
  3. The royal Edinburgh military tattoo. Featuring performances including bagpipes.

4. Edinburgh international festival. A performing arts festival based around select theatres.

5. Edinburgh fringe festival. Around the International festival other venues started during festival hosting performance arts this has become a festival in, it’s own right called the Fringe.

It is therefore quite confusing, to get head round what happens in August. I’m trying and will share what I learn! Any tips welcomed.