August Summary

Glasgow gems πŸ’Ž Nelson columns, hottest Scottish curry ….Books

One Day

One Day footsteps from 15Jul1988 by David Nicholas

Bee books

Bee books: Tell it to the bees 🐝 and The History of Bees 🐝


Stanger in the house

Is it a new thriller trend to set you up for a twist that never come

Edinbugh Fringe

40+ theatre shows. Favourite of which was Mission her. Which was made even better by the cast being pleased to have been reviewed, sharing my post and buying me a drink. Consequently it is one of my most viewed posts of 2018.

Mission Her for anyone suffering with anxiety or supporting someone suffering with anxiety…. (Edinburgh Fringe Review)

Live recordings of two radio 2 shows featuring comedy and inmprovisation acts, live music and other guests Sara Cox; Simon Mayo / Jo Whiley.

Edinburgh Music 1

An improvisation show.

Edinburgh Fringe Improvisation

Several comedians.


Edinburgh Tattoo

Exhibitions at Summmerhall, City Art Gallery, National Gallery and Fruitmarket Gallery.

Plus so much more in Edinburgh and a visit to Glasgow.

Glasgow gems πŸ’Ž Nelson columns, hottest Scottish curry …

Glasgow Botanical Gardens


Day tour of Manchester wild in art bees.

Bees 🐝 in the city Manchester the Experience



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So many wonders of the world to write about on my blog wall. I'm an Oasis fan hence the using wondewall as blog name.

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