Edinburgh literature and me

Recently during my stay in Edinburgh, I reread One Day and retraced the steps of the Edinburgh part of the book. Nicholas association with Edinburgh is that as an actor he performed at the Fringe one year. He set the begiing of the book in the flat he stayed in at the time he stayed in it; as described in the following guardian article.

nicholas – guardian

One Day footsteps from 15Jul1988 by David Nicholas

One Day by David Nicholas made me cry again

How well do I know other Edinburgh literature?

Blackwell’s in Edinburgh had a whole section for Scottish books; guide books and books by Scottish writers.

Walter Scott

Scott was a Edinburgh born and bread poet and Novelist. During my time in Edinburgh I have climbed the monument built after his death in 1832. I have discovered Waverley train station is named after one of his novels. Inside Waveley station I have seen Walter Scott quotes.

Muriel Sparks

I have become aware of Muriel Sparks because she is a big focus of the book festival in Edinburgh as this year marks 100years since her birth in 1918. She died in 2006. I have previously heard of one of her novels; the Pride of Miss Broadie but, would not have been able to name it’s author.

JK Rowling

Not many in the UK would fail to know Harry Potter author JK Rowling. I have read the first book and seen the films although I did not find them really to be my thing; I’m not keen on fantasy type literature. Edinburgh has lots of towers, turrets and domes so, it easy to see how those images infiltrated into the books.

Ian Rankin

Rankin was born in Fife close to Edinburgh. He attended Edinburgh university. He has written a series of books about the detective Rebus. I have read a couple of these books and would read more. When I saw the live recording of Sara Cox’s show, Rankin was one of the guests.

Free BBC shows at Edinburgh

Alexander McCall Smith

McCall Smith has written dozens of books including the series The Number 1 Lady detective series. I have read one book from the Number 1 Lady Detective Series, which is lighthearted rather than grisly, but for me the charm of that did not come across although it was very popular. If I had liked the one book I have read more, I may have been tempted to read 44 Scotland Street.

Ali Smith

Coincidently this year I have book Ali Smith book Autumn as it on my book club reading list for Autumn, therefore I will be learning more about this author.

Ruth Jones

Jones of  is definitely not Scottish; she is Welsh. She is an actress and has written tv series including Gavin and Stacey and Stella. She is currently writing her second novel. During the Edinburgh book festival I heard her talk about how one of the settings for her first novel Ever Greener is Edinburgh.

Irvine Welsh

Welsh was born in Leith area of Edinburgh and sets his books in Edinburgh. I have not read any of Welsh. However, he wrote Trainspotting, which was adapted into a film that I have seen. Also at the Fringe I saw the play version of his novel Filth.

Filth; By Irvine Welsh (Edinburgh fringe)

Trainspotting 1

Trainspotting 2

Any other should read?

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