Visit to the Scottish Parliament

The Scottish parliament is architecturally impressive inside and out. As you go round you get to see some great art works.

This is a model of the building. There is an old part built-in the 16th century which has been cleverly incorporated seamlessly, within the modern building built around the turn of this century. It has lots of glass, wood, cement and metal.

Concrete crosses on a ceiling.

Having previously visited the UK parliament, this is much more modern. In the UK parliment, the actual debating chamber has seats on both sides, therefore the two main parties occupy opposite sides and from what I have seen on tv there is lots of shouting across the chambers. I have not seen the Scottish parliment on tv, so I don’t know if it is calmer, but potentially from what I heard today it is. In the Scotish debating chamber they are sat in a circle facing the front like many other, European parliaments. There is microphones at the front and the members of parliment are all alloted time to speak, if they go over their microphone is switched off.m

It was free to get in. I also opted for a guided tour which was also free but sometimes, you may have to wait a while to get on one unless you pre book. Although I’m in England, I did not really know what the Scottish parliament does. Basically the Scotish parliment determines law for  some local issues but, decisions affecting whole UK like defence is decided by the UK parliment in London. It was interesting learning about the Scotish parliment as it’s voting system is slightly different to England’s. From someone else on the tour, I also learnt that both systems are different to the US. In England and Scotland every 4/5 years there is elections for the whole parliment, however in the US for each election only a third of the positions are voted on  at each election so that means new and existing representatives overlap.

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