The song of lunch (Edinburgh review)

I was hoping for Robert playing a very similar character to the character of David in Cold Feet. From the blurb it, sounded like a very Cold feet situation; middle aged man meeting an ex for lunch; so I hoped for funny, engaging dialogue. There was the type of dialogue I wanted from the two characters; but not enough. There was not enough because a large part of the play was Robert’s character self narrating ‘he thought this’ ‘he did this’. I found it rather annoying. At the start when it was just a monologue with Robert on stage alone, walking to the restaurant alone; I just wanted to move on to the part with the two of them in the restaurant. Then when it was the two characters together the self narration was distracting.

There was a real clever projected back drop, but apart from that the stage was very bare; I think it was meant to be stylistic. Although the show did not quite hit spot, I was looking for it to hit; for £8 I do not resent seeing it.

It is at the Plesance courtyard.

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