Avenue Q School edition (Edinburgh review).

Avenue Q is a puppet show, often called Sesame Street for adults. This was a school version aimed at 12+. I.e. teenagers not young children and therefore it was not completely santitised. It dealt with adult themes and included some language. It missed some songs such as The internet is for porn and You can be as loud as you want (when you’re making love). However included Everyone’s s little bit racist, It sucks to be me, If you were gay and a few more too. Therefore I felt it struck a good balance between, not talking down to teenagers and not going to the other extreme of crudeness either. I think it would be a good show to see as a school party, in order to provoke enriching discussions.

In the intimate venue, it was good to see the workings of the puppets up close. My memory of seeing Avenue Q was it’s big theme was adults being disillusioned by the unfulliment of what they felt they had been promised growing up. Although this show did include, the same issues throughout it was more upbeat. I could not remember the it’s Only For Now song that concluded the show in a positive way today. It may just be my perspective / my memory of a show I saw a long time ago; but the fri he show definitely felt like an energetic upbeat show; very well presented.

It is on at the TheSpace Venue 45, just until Wednesday. Would urge purchase of tickets promptly as liable to sell fast.


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