Tattoos and me

This week, I set tatoo as the prompt for this week’s 6 word story.

Do I have tattoos?


Do I want tattoos?

Not a permanent one. I do think they can be a cool way of expressing yourself, but there is no design that I’m drawn to that I would like permanently on my body. I had a henna tatoo a couple of weeks ago on my ankle and a few years at a wedding after helping kids to apply tempoary tatoos, I applied one myself saying rock.

I think tatoos can tell a person’s life. They may have specail names, dates of births or meaningful images. Tatoo’s feature in
the title’s of a couple of books. There is the Girl with the Dragon Tatoo, which I read last year.

There is the Tatooist of Austwich, which I have not read but sounds interesting. I based my story, on similar lines; I googled to find a geniuine holocaust survivor’s number and actually found an image of their tatoo.

What actually inspired my prompt was thinking about, what I’m doing this week and on Tuesday I’m going to the Edinbugh tatoo. I do not know yet, a lot about this type of tatoo other than it is a military parade entertainme thing; but will be finding out more. So far there is one story about this type of tatoo. Along with stories about desired and unwanted tatoos. Check out this post to see the stories so far and to enter your own.

Do you have tattoos? What do you think of tattoos?

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So many wonders of the world to write about on my blog wall. I'm an Oasis fan hence the using wondewall as blog name.

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