Wonderwall360 Hump Day carrers: Ideas for jobs in the pharmaceutical industry

A tip I recently came across to generate job ideas is to think about everything that needs to be done around a particular area for example to make and sell a bottle of cider; think it thorough from planting of  apple tree to selling the bottle. This way of thinking for the pharmaceutical industry produces a plethora of ideas for me but may not be so obvious for someone outside the industry. Would anyone like to share examples from their industry?

First steps is developing the drug. There will be researchers investigating disease areas, chemists looking at different compounds. Following identification of a drug there will be lots of testing to make sure it is safe and effective. Some people are not comfortable with the idea that some of the initial testing will be on animals, but that is done so that humans are not put at risk. These stages involve scientists from a range of disciplines working in labs, non laboratory researchers and technicians that assist in the laboratory.

Before a drug is given to any human there is lots of documentation to produce as risk to humans have to be minimised therefore the aims of the drug trails need to be carefully  considered, the trial designed and ethic committees consulted. Some of the roles this involves are medical writers, statisticians and those involved with ethics committees.

Once the drug is given to humans this involves medical professionals to look after healthy volunteers / patients s applicable; i.e doctors, nurses and perhaps highly trained clinical trails assistants. I have been a clinical trails assistant doing tests like blood pressure, ECG and taking blood from cannulaes. All the date collected is collected in special forms called case report forms by the medical professionals. These forms need to be checked by monitors to ensure correctly completed. The data on the forms are analysed by data managers like I have been. often put into databases which involves programmers. The safety profile of the drug is monitored by pharmocoviglance personal, again an area I have been involved with. There will various types of project managers, and staff involved with ensuring the data reaches the data managers in a timely manner.

As a trial is running and after completed there will be analyses by statisticians and results ar documented by medical writers. There is ethical considerations throughout which provides job roles.

This may sounmd completx already but, does not vfeature every job role involved. All the above is before a drug gets on the market when need people to manufacture, distribute, people to market it, pharmacists to dispense etc…

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