Song Lyric Sunday Theme for 6/24/18 I have a DREAM

From Drag Queens to Bondage aka Everyone’s talking about Jamie to 50 Shades of Grey

My song is about a boy having a dream and believing in that dream. The boy is Jamie he is 16years old. His dream is to be a drag Queen. Specifically in the show Everyboy’s talking about Jamie, this song is song when he is dreaming in a career lesson, rather than listening to the teacher. The show is based on real life, I think the original boy lived in North East of England. The musical was a collaboration between author and screen writer Tom Mcrae and musician Dan Gillespie Sells from the band the Feeling. The song was written by Gillespie Sells and they set it in Sheffield therefore it’s premiere was in Sheffield.

Don’t even know it

I attended the premiere in Sheffield, it was my favourite theatre of 2017. It has now transferred to the West End in London and I saw it in London, in January. In London and bought the soundtrack. On the soundtrack Gillespie is the singer with some vocals from Betty Boo. The clip I have shown is from an awards show. The sound quality is not great so unfortunately th song lacks some of it’s power. However, I have chosen the clip because there is an explanation from the awards host and it shows context of song and the dance in the show.

Top 3 Theatre 2017


Day trip to London 20th January 2018 Part 5: Everybody’s talking about Jamie; “Sometimes you have got to take life by the balls…

If you would like to see a better sound quality, Everybody’s Talking about Jamie is been transmitted live from the Apollo theatre in London to cinemas on 5th July.

This Thing Called Life One Word at a Time

I find it rather amazing how our minds work. Not that I claim to know much about the process, but I do know that we try to make sense of everything while we sleep. I know some people don’t remember their dreams, but I seem to have a knack for it. There have been times in my life that I begged whomever would listen to just let me sleep in peace; that deep, black place where your thoughts and everything else can finally rest.

I realize that even on the nights you don’t remember them, you are still dreaming, but for the most part, I wish I was one of those people who didn’t remember. Not only that, I seem to be that person who can’t have a happy dream, no matter what is going on. Perhaps that’s why I write. I’ve made the correlation before, and it has…

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