#SixWordStoryChallenge – 23rd June 2018

Kirsty’s prompt this week is TRAIN, she states…

There’s scope for the imagination in trains I think, much more so than motorways. Friday’s journey offered me a view of the Severn Estuary bathed in glorious sunshine, an adorable baby crying heartrendingly in my carriage, and a man who hardly spoke a word of English sitting in my reserved seat. Any of those could be the basis of a story.

Which train story could I tell… police been called to take me off train, China sleeper trains, overheating the passenger talk at length about sock pairing issues as my brother and I tried not to laugh…

This week been reading about how those with Autism like trains. Lots of those with Autism love Thomas the Tank.

Definitely a rich subject.


Challenge open Saturday 23rd June 2018 – Thursday 28th June 2018

Welcome to the Six Word Story Challenge.

For those who have never dropped by before, a new prompt is posted every Saturday morning at 9am GMT, either on this site or that of fellow blogger Wonderwall. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to plot a story on that subject… in just six words.

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So many wonders of the world to write about on my blog wall. I'm an Oasis fan hence the using wondewall as blog name.

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