Kindles vs books

I do not have a kindle. I’am becoming more aware of advantages but not convinced yet! Here I examine Norrie a kindle readers arguments against books. Her post was titled entitled I don’t like books which definitely aroused my interest! I could not bring myself to have the statement I don’t like books as a title.

I have put Norrie’s points in quotes and my responses underneath. Check out her post for her full explanations and her responses to common arguments for books.

# ‘When it comes to lifting heavy objects, I prefer the gym’

Ok I get that. They do add to luggage weight. Reading a heavy book is not good for wrists.

# ‘They need to be stored somewhere.’

I’m happy to donate most books to my sister to read then to charity shops so that limits books I have. Still when I moved, I did overhear removers comment ‘ergh it’s another box of books’.

# ‘They are expensive’

I buy lots from charity, so real that is just giving to charity then getting a book in return. Then lots of them end up back with a charity.

Sunday times is £2.50 now. Magazines can be £3 or £4. You can buy 3 books for £10 on Amazon and books last longer then magazines and can be kept afterwards or donated to raise funds for charities.

# ‘I can’t read them in the dark..

If you like reading well into the night, chances are, you will need to turn on the light at one point. In case your other half is skilled enough to be able to sleep through even a zombie apocalypse, or you don’t share your room with anyone, this is likely not an issue.’

Yes I generally sleep alone so not an issue.

# ‘ When bookmarks are scarce,everything is bookmarks…
Have you ever had a conversation where you were asked why do you have a pair of panties sticking out from your book? I’d love to say nor had I…’

Lol never had that conversation but, I’am always losing my bookmark.

# ‘Notes… notes everywhere’

Don’t write notes do not an issue.

Reading Under The Blankie

I don’t like books. There. I said it. I let that sink in for a moment…

I can’t remember a time when I was not reading. It is my one passion that has never faded away. Fine… Reading and cats. Although I can remember the time when I did not have a cat – a.k.a. the miserable years.

By now you are probably utterly confused and wonder whether I’m completely nutty as fruitcake. Well, I don’t think so (although if I were, would I know?), but I do have a few reasons why I’m so over printed books.

#I can’t just get them anywhere, any time
Unless I already have them on the shelf, that is… If you ever asked me what book I will pick up once I finished my current read, I would most likely start to squirm and tell you I have no idea and change the…

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