Suffragist and Suffragette (terrorists?) Colours

I got confused on Sunday thinking I needed to wear green, white and red for Processions. However, then got there to find the stripes were Green, White and Violet?


Was my confusion because, the original colors of the National Union of women were, green, white and red which stood for give women rights. Women were originally called suffragists. Women who became more militant (terrorists?) were labeled Suffragettes, by a journalist seeking to demean them and the women then took that label with pride. Around 1908 the colours became Green, White, violet which stood for give women votes. Green was a symbol of hope, white purity and purple was a royal colour.

I’m not a fan of purple although; I wore a purple headband yesterday. Red symbolizing rights seems more appropriate than votes, today now women have votes.


Suffragettes, did plant bombs.

“Bombs then did not detonate instantly like they do now, they fizzed and spluttered and smoked, and gave people plenty of time to get away. But they were placed in public places, with large footfall.

What do you think of the colors and do you consider that the suffragettes could be considered terrorists?



suffragist and suffragettes

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