Floated into sunset on a hot air balloon

About 31 years ago as a child, I saw hot air balloons over our house. My Mum took some photos.

Last March, I booked a balloon flight; it was cancelled due to weather. Instead, I had a day out in York, following cat trail. In last 14 months have booked and had cancelled about 6 flights. Friday 8th June , even though all morning, had looked grey in Sheffield; about 2pm, I found it was on.

We went from Tissington. As our balloon was being filled with air, we got to see two other balloons take off.

Finally, it was our turn. The box was divided into 5 sections. A large section in the middle of the pilot. Then 2 narrow sections either side of the pilot. Which squashed four people in, each. For take off we had to sit in landing position; back against back of low seat and hands gripping handles attached to dividing wall between next section on balloon; about elbow length away. We could not see out. We skimmed across ground then started going up. Once, we were above trees, we were allowed to stand.

It was very peaceful and so hard to believe so high above fields as looked like just gliding over.

When more heat was blown in balloon, that was made some noise but otherwise ballon itself was silent. Everyone was pretty quiet, lost for words, wonderstruck.

Below bear busy roads could hear traffic in distance. There were lots of sheep and lambs in fields, therefore main sound was them bleating. Balloons confuse animals because they are big and silent, and often it caused them to scarper.

Suddenly we, were told to get into our landing positions, I.e sat so could not see out. We descended down; we bumped against ground a few times then came to a rest. After a few minutes we were allowed to carefully clamber out, bearing in mind the warning that 99% of ballooning injuries are ankle injuries getting out on to an uneven surface. Our surface was relatively even, so I was fine.

Then the hard work started. We had to get all the air out of the balloon and roll up. Unbelievable the size, we eventually got it too.

As we packed the balloon up, the sun was setting. After it was packed we had a glass of champagne. Before being taken back, by mini bus to our cars.

Whilst I was up, I hoped to see the sunset; that would be the icing on the cake for the magical experience. Based on this, I have written the following 6 word story for the prompt Magic, hosted by Kirsty.


Sunset champagne, floating tranquilly in balloon.

Author: wonderwall360blog

So many wonders of the world to write about on my blog wall. I'm an Oasis fan hence the using wondewall as blog name.

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