Royal Family and Divorce

In 1936 Edward abdicated due to the scandal surrounding him marrying a divorces; now 82 years Prince Harry is due to marry a divorcee Meghan Markle. Both attitudes in royal family and socirty in general but in particular the Church of England have changed.

The Queen is in a difficult postion because as Queen she is the head of the Church of England. It was only in 2002 that the Church of England allowed divorcees to remarry in church whilst their former partner was still alive (unofficially there may have been some  marriages following a divorce whilst partner still alive) but, it was only in 2002 that it was officially allowed.

In 1952 When Queen Elizabeth was preparing for her coronation the following year: her sister Margaret said she wished to marry a divorcee. Elizabeth to avoid controversy around her coronation asked them to wait a year, during the year that relationship ended avoiding the conflict for Eizabeth.

In 1950 the Church of Scotland officially began allowing divorcees with living partners to marry in church. Consequently divorcee Anne marrying for the second time in Scotland avoided this conflict for her Mother, Queen Elizabeth.

Princess Anne  and Mark Phillip’s Wedding 

Princess Anne and Timothy Lawerence Wedding

Charles and Diana

Charles and Camilla Wedding



































































































































































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