Top 5 books I would save from a fire!

Greats meme!

Love idea of this one …

Having a hunky fireman to help.

I love having books on shelf and some I remember reading on particular holidays, couple signed and a few had since a child. But I do not think any hold too much sentimental value that, I could not just buy another copy. I do not keep every book, I read just special ones rest go to charity shops. Last year, I even managed to give Enid Blyton’s a way to other girls who will hopefully also enjoy! I took pictures of my Enid Blyton collection before I gave away.

I think though, I need to take more shelfies so preserve memories of the books … just in case of fire 🔥.

Bionic Book Worm

Imagine this – your fire alarm goes off, smoke is in the air, and you have only a few seconds to save your books (don’t worry, you saved your family and pets first!!)…… so which ones would you save?? My dad is a firefighter so I’ve seen and heard many stories of people losing everything. Things can be replaced but people can’t. But are there some books that are irreplaceable for you? And why? Tell me all about it in this weeks topic 🙂

Top 5 Tuesday is a weekly meme where I explore different topics. If you are interested in participating I would love to have you! Here is a list of my Upcoming topics in May – please remember to ping back a specific post of mine so I get a notification and I will add you to the participants list!


The first book I would save is

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