Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew is the Queen’s third child. The picture is of his christening day, with his parents, older brother Charles and sister Anne.

He was named after his paternal Grandfather; Prince Andrew of Greece.

His full name is Albert Christian Edward. Albert was Queen Victoria’s husband. Christian was  a middle name of Andrew’s great uncle King Edward VIII. Edward was the name of several kings and George VIs brother.

He married Sarah Ferguson in 1986. They divorced in 1996. They had two daughters:

Beatrice Elizabeth Mary born 1988. Beatrice means happines. Elizabeth and Mary are two of her Grandmother the Queen’s names.Eugenie Victoria Helena born 1990.  Eugenie was the middle name of Queen Victoria’s grandaughter Victoria Eugenie.  Victoria after Queen Victoria. She is due to marry on 12th October 2018.

Reference for Andrew’s names

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