Dangerous Water’s by Anne Allen

After, reading Guernsey Potato Peel and Literary Society, I wanted to read more about the Nazi occupation of Guernsey. I thought this book, would satisfy this as from blurb, I thought there would be narratives from time of occupation, but there was not.

There was some letters from the occupation. Around 200 pages in, a secret from 2nd world war was revealed, but this was a relatively minor part of the plot.

It is a relatively slow book. It probably did not need so much detail in places.

Really is so much detail needed about boiling a kettle and a builder’s quote?

I probably would have been less disappointed by the book if I had not been expecting it’s focus to be about Nazi occupation. It was pleasant enough, got more into as neared end.

Not desperate to read more of series but… if saw one in a charity shop, would consider.

Author: wonderwall360blog

So many wonders of the world to write about on my blog wall. I'm an Oasis fan hence the using wondewall as blog name.

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