“The thing about politics is that it is at a certain level, very very boring.” Tony Blair, A journey

“The thing about politics is that it is at a certain level very very boring. The issues are self evidently not – they are huge and are usually the reason for entering the political world – but somehow the hugeness can so easily get lost in the habitat in which those issues live” states Tony Blair on p591 of his auto biography A Journey.

I agree, politics is so important it affects everything we do, yet I will often turn newspaper pages about politics with just a glance. The minute of it can be tedious literally like school kids bickering in the playground. I started reading A Journey on holiday in 2015. Part of my boarding pass was my book mark. Yet I have only just finished it.

In Bulgaria, I was reading a chapter each morning. 1997 when Blair was voted prime minster, was the first election, I can clearly remember even though I was too young to vote. Then Blair had a whole chapter on Princess Diana’s death; I can clearly remember where I was when, that news came in.

I stalled with the book, when I got to Iraq. I really did find it boring. I have finally reached end. I can not remember beginning clearly but, I will keep the book along with his wives Cherie’s books to refer back to. I can not bear thought of reading the prime minster after Blair’s book; Gordon Brown’s as think that really would be dull. I have read Harriet Harman’s autobiography and seen her talk. I saw Ed Milband talk on Friday 27th April.

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So many wonders of the world to write about on my blog wall. I'm an Oasis fan hence the using wondewall as blog name.

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