The new prince’s name verses my prediction.

I predicted the baby’s first name would be James after King James, a simple solid name like older brother George. Also it is the name of Kate’s brother.

I thought the next middle name would be Philip after the Queen’s husband and Kate’s sister Philippa.

Then I thought the baby would have a second middle name like his siblings. Possibilities for this:

Henry after baby’s Dad William’s brother (Harry is a nickname his official name is Harry.

Arther after King Arther.

Charles after William’s Father.

Michael after Kate’s Father.

He is called Louis Arther Charles.

Louis is also one of Prince William’s middle names and one of baby Louis’s brother George’s middle names. I’m surprised William and Kate reused a name in this way.

Louis was the name of an uncle of Prince Philip  (Queen’s husband) and last viceroy of India; he was killed by the IRA in a bomb attack on his yacht.His father Prince Louis of Battenberg was Prince William’s great-great-grandfather. Louis is a popular name for French kings.

Arther was one of the Queen’s Father’s  George VI middle names. I guess even William would not have two sons called george even though Louis was born on St Georges day, so Arther was a nod to King George. Also for a baby born on England’s patron saint day, Arther is a very English name bring to mind King Arthur (medical king) and Camelot connatations.

Charles the only part of the time that i was right about. Charles is William’s Father. There has been 2 King Charles. Again a slight overlap as baby Louis sister is Charlotte after Queen charlotte and possibly also a nod to her Grandfather Prince Charles.

Verdict: The name as a whole sounds very regal and I like name Louis.

However, it would have been refreshing if names from Kate’s family has been passed down. Unless you link Charles and Charlotte as charlotte is Kate’s sister Pippas middle name. Charlotte’s full name is Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. Elizabeth as well as being the Queen’s name is Kate’s Mother Carole’s middle name. Diana after William’s late mother. George’s full name is George Alexander Louis.



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