Eastermass 🐣 Traditional Easter food in England

Hot cross buns

Hot cross buns are traditional at Easter. You used to only get them Easter but, nowadays you can get them for a much longer time span.

Today, I saw an advert for hot cross bun bread and butter pudding, in the Asda magazine. I did not have all ingredients and as had blistered feet, did not want to go to the shop, so just threw together what I had. I cut two hot cross buns in halves. Greased a dish. Put the bottoms of the hot cross buns on the bottom.

Then I mixed eggs, cinnamon and vanilla extract. Put all butter I had in mixture.

Then poured about half of mixture over bottoms. Then put tops, facing cross up in bowl.

I baked for about 35mins. It did not look good at any stage! It smelled good of vanilla when cooked. It tasted a bit bland like omelette. But this concept has potential, perhaps with milk and or custard in it, as suggested by recipe in Asda magazine.

Good Friday Fish

Fish is traditional on Good Friday. Catholics traditionally fast from meat on a Friday and instead have fish. Growing up, we did often have fish on Good Friday. Yesterday I had salmon fish cakes on a bed of ratatouille. Plus a glass of wine 🍷 to anaesthetise self from pain due to walking.

Simnel cake

I never had this growing up. In food technology at school, I once wrote about Simnel cake. It traditionally had 11 marzipan balls on, to represent all Jesus’s disciples apart from Judas who betrayed him.

Sunday roast

With Easter Sunday being a Sunday, and the Monday being a public holiday, it is a good time to get the family around for Sunday Roast. I will be at my parents. My siblings, have told my Mum that it is a family tradition to have turkey on Easter Sunday. I think my Mum has cooked turkey once before on Easter Sunday.


Of course Easter is a lot about chocolate. I would like Godiva or Leonidos chocolate.

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So many wonders of the world to write about on my blog wall. I'm an Oasis fan hence the using wondewall as blog name.

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