Sometimes, you have to be kind to yourself and not do what is expected….

Today I was at Sheffield station at 7am. The aim was to walk to Doncaster station, which is 29 miles.

I have got lots of blisters forming and was starting to feel achy so I ‘gave up’ after about 20miles at Mexbrough station. I read the post below about blogging. I do not feel that way about blogging at the moment; you are not going to be hearing less from me! But I’m thinking now sometimes you have to kind to yourself and not do what is expected. It would have been fantastic to say I had walked all the way from Sheffield to Meadowhall but, who would have cared that much? I can get from Sheffield to Doncaster in 30minutes on the train.

After the point, I finished I could have walked for another 6hours after walking 6 hours already. I was beginning not to enjoy it. I’m currently sat barefoot on a tram. Before getting on to the tram, I was wincing with every step. I would not have enjoyed continuing.

I’m wearing Lucy Locket flamingo leggings (Sheffield brand).

I have just had Godiva Easter chocolate; more on that tomorrow because I’m not tired of blogging! But I would say to any of you, blogging is something do with freetime, so you should get some enjoyment from it. You can choose how much post. If you need to not post for a while, totally give up or post less – do it. Look after yourselves and have fun! Blogging should not be a self inflicted chore.

In conclusion, I have achieved today!

  • I walked 20ish miles.
  • I listened to my body.
  • I have written a post card to my nephew, to post to his school for a project they will be doing after Easter holidays about the UK.
  • Whilst on the tram, I have had a text to say the blood I donated in Sheffield has been sent to the hospital in my home town Scunthorpe. People born in Scunthorpe are the best! So someone worthy will get it. 6 years ago today, my sister was at that hospital to be induced. It took another three days for my nephew to be born and he spent a few days in neonatal intensive care. Neither of them needed blood, but lots of new Mums and babies do.

I have just been past Sheffield donor centre on the tram.

A Whisper Of Ink

I’m not really sure how to start this post without seeming overdramatic but…here goes.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my blog. I’ve been thinking about how i’m not really that…passionate about it anymore. no, i don’t find blogging boring. not in the least. but i don’t squeal every time i get comments, i don’t silently clap for myself whenever i look at my blog, and i don’t settle in excitedly every time i write a blog post. and the thing is, i used to. blogging was such an exciting, fresh amazing opportunity for me and i loved it.

right now, it doesn’t feel like i’m unique. it feels like i’m publishing reviews that are overdue, i’m hitting publish last minute and i have so many comments i haven’t replied to from last year and i will never catch up. right now, i’m very calm. not stressed in the…

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