Arbor Day in Portugal – International Day of Forests: Ways to protect trees and prevent deforestation and wildfires

As well as being World Down’s Day it seems today is also International Forrest Day. Pink for Days has some information about marking this in Portugal. I follow various environmental initiatives but not going to be getting a kindle. I like physical books too much. One reason I like physical books, is being able to pass them to people usually my sister. I like it when my sister passes books too me! When my sister passes my books, back to me, I either put them on my shelf or give to a charity shop, so that benefit’s a charity. I also buy books from charity shops, so the books, I pass to my sister may have been read previous to myself. You can not do that with a kindle!

I also pass on some magazines and reuse gift bags.

March 21st is International Day of Forests as established by the United Nations General Assembly in 2012. In Portugal we celebrate Arbor day.


I do care about the environment but I must admit I care too much and do too little. This might have gone unnoticed, expect for the tragic events of last year. Our forests were devastated by wild fires on two different occasions, June and October. Fatalities: 111 people. Non-fatal injuries: close to 300. Homes were lost as well as businesses, cars, properties, animals, livestock, etc. We can think “at least those people are alive” and that is definitely true but imagine working for something your whole life, just a simple home, maybe a small business, and having it ruined in a matter of hours or even minutes. It was a very dark year for us and our forests. There were over 400 active fires at one point…

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