Frost v Nixon

As the audience arrived, the stage gradually got fuller; with the cast bustling around the stage set as a TV set. Then sudden darkness! When the lights went up; the scene was the resignation of President Nixon.

I did not research, before I went in. So I did not know about the whitegate scandal or what happened in the Frost / Nixon interviews. I also did not know; it was straight through with no interval!

I did not learn, exactly what the Watergate scandal was. I will have to google; it is good it has enlightened a little and prompted me to learn more. I learnt that is where the term ‘gate’ to describe ‘unfortunate’ circumstances was first used. It is funny because unknowingly I had earlier; used the phrase ‘kitchen gate’ with the friends I was at the theatre with.

After the resignation the play showed both sides of the negotiations before the interviews. Then the interviews themselves . Thinking there would be an interval I was finding these a little long. I was surprised when the forth and final interview started and began to suspect the play was during to a close.

The play is about the games played between politicians and the media. Today with the presence of social media the game is altered; no tweets from Nixon! Nixon was as aware, as Frost of the game being played! The play felt long at times, because Nixon gave long winded answers that, did not really entertain or answer the question. Although the title of the play, billed it as a contest; between Frost and Nixon,the play showed these was more to it than that. Frost had researchers and Nixon had advisers. Did either team triumph? Are you familiar with the history?

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