My life book flat lay

I blame Angela (life of Angela) for getting me into pintrest and then for this flat lay post and any that ‘may’ follow. Angela this week did a make up flat lay; I don’t have much make up so, I can not do similar.

I had a look at pintrest for flat lays and started a board.

I then went to my book case to see what I had. It came to me, I wanted to do a picture about what is important to me in life. I picked some books out and as my yoga mat was next to the book case, I put them down on that, so that ended up being the background. As the yoga mat was narrow, I had to get close in or otherwise in the photo I got floor, in the background as well as yoga mat. Once, I had selected books, I then looked for props.

I have The book Starter for 10 and the graduation 👩‍🎓 teddy that my parents gave me, to represent my degree. I have a Women’s work, because my career is important to me. I bought it last year, when I saw Harriet Harmen talk, and she signed it for me.

I have the books Perfect Match and my Favourite Wife to represent the love I hope to find. I found Favorite wife, in a shop signed:

I have the book Bundles of joy because I would like my own bundles of joy.

I have the book a Place to call home because that, is what everyone wants, right? I’m lucky because I call both my house in Sheffield and my parents, home.

I added a ring as a prop. It is a ring, I bought for myself with money I got when I had worked for a company for 5years. Therefore the ring can be interpreted, different ways and one interpretation is about how I work and so, I’am independent and can buy myself rings.

The heart shaped stone, I bought from a stall by the side of a river, in China; therefore it reminds me of the travels I have done and the travels, I would like to do. Similarly I have also displayed my passport.

When I was looking for props, I caught site of my rock ‘rock concert’. I like rock music and my late Grandmother gave the rock concert to myself.

Author: wonderwall360blog

So many wonders of the world to write about on my blog wall. I'm an Oasis fan hence the using wondewall as blog name.

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