Lent Prompt 16: Treating Dementia with Lewy Bodies

There is no cure for Denentia with Lewy Bodies or specific treatment therefore instead the symptoms are treated.

Like with Alzheimer’s Chorintease inhibitor which stop chlorine building up to toxic levels in the brain helping brain cells function can help.

The movement symptoms may be helped by L-Dopa.

General non drug therapies / tips which will be explored in future prompts can help.

Treating / handling hallucinations / delusions

  • Ensure balanced diet as dehydration can cause delusions.
  • Check medications not causing the hallucinations.
  • Set routines can help.
  • Where there are symptoms of hallucinating they may not always be due to the dementia as they could have been caused by a knock to a head, checking for bruises may help clarify. Or may have visual or audio problems so worth checking sight and heating.
  • The hallucinations may not bother the person with dementia and they may actually find them pleasurable, in which case then it may be best to ignore / not worry about the hallucinating.
  • If person disturb by hallucination can help reassure. Or if for example disturbed because think had something stolen can try find or distract from issue.
  • Anti phychitics may help.

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