Shuffle The Music Tag 🎶

I woke up this morning, before I needed to get up as I’m not working. I was going to do my version of the post from Life of Angela called Teaser Tuesday but , whilst I was looking for it this Tag caught my eye, so I turned my iPod on. *Correction the Teaser Tuesday was Small Town Rambler’s Post. But that mix up was serendipitous because it was an enjoyable hour doing the music shuffle*

So here are the first 15 songs that came on.

1. Macy Day Parade; Greenday

I’m pleased this came on because Greenday are one of my favourite bands and I need to tidy iPod up as random stuff I don’t like is on there. For example, I got a free Pet Shop boys CD with a newspaper and transferred it straight to iPod but found I don’t like it much.

2. Tubthumping, Chumbawumba

I can not remember any other Chumbawumba songs but, I like this one. I can remember it playing when walked out of football after a defeat probably over 15years ago (correction seen as later worked out that it’s 14 years ago, gearing Tubthumping probably happened closer to 20years who; I’m old). It cheered me up 🎶 We get knocked down. But your never going to keep us down 🎶

3. Faster; Manic Street Preachers This started with talking and I had to look what it was. The lyrics were muffled in an annoying tone; I word normally has skipped to the next song. I do like some Manics songs, when I had iTunes voucher I bought the singles collection. I’m afraid their songs often get skipped.

4. Laid, James This is from the ‘best of’ which I used to listen to on repeat when I was getting ready to go out.

5. Sally Cinnamon; Stone Roses As soon as this one started I recognised it as Stone Roses but had to check the song title.

6. My Father’s son; Conor Reeves I was not sure what this was. I have it on my iPod because it was on the Brit’s 98 album which I transferred on to my iPod.

7. One Horse Town – The Thrills I saw these live in Shepherds Bush, London; 14 years ago.

8. She; Greenday I told you I like Greenday!

9. Redundant; Greenday Again! That is something that can happen randomly mathematically. However, if the human brain was picking 15 songs at random it would make sure 15 different bands. In fact when iPods first came out Apple had to make them less random because people complained about the same thing being played.

10. Help me Rhonda; Beachboys One of the random CDs that came free with a newspaper that I have on my iPod. Guess it is quite a jolly song.

11. Slash ‘n’ burn; Manic Street Preachers Interesting guitar riff to start; could not think what it was though! I enjoyed this more than the earlier Manic’s.

12. Closer; Kings of Leon Quite like this song; not as much as Sex on fire.

13. Stay Young; Oasis Yes!!!! My top favourite band. I can remember writing the lyrics from this 🎶 Stay young and invincible 🎶 in friend’s school leaver books.

14. If I had a Gun; Noel Gallagher Noel’s Post Oasis, solo era. Like his voice as well as Liam’s who sings most Oasis songs. None of his post Oasis lyrics are as good as his Oasis lyrics.

15. Hello; Seahorses I love Seahorse Love is the Law, but I have enjoyed listening to this.

Time to think about getting up, once I have finished putting YouTube links in (hope they work they don’t look as Professional as Angela’s. Randomly after, I wrote 15 The next song was Love is the Law; Seahorses.

This is Angela’s version are the first 15 songs if you shuffle your iPod? Are you pleased or a bit embarrassed by some songs?

Author: wonderwall360blog

So many wonders of the world to write about on my blog wall. I'm an Oasis fan hence the using wondewall as blog name.

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