A day in my life

I have been working in the same office for 11 years since 3rd July 2006.

During 11 years time I have lived in 3 houses (1 rented room in shared house and 2 houses I have owned), in Sheffield so my daily routine has changed slightly. 

I work managing data from trials of pharmaceutical drugs that are being developed. I can not go into details about this because in this industry really confidential, but if you have specific questions about this sort of work, feel free to ask and I will answer as much as confidentiality allows.

I’m awoken at 6.55am by my radio alarm coming on with Chris Evan’s I. BBC Radio 2. I find Chris Evan’s irritating but, I also do not like irritating jingles and adverts on commercial stations. Ideally I would like to wake to music but usually, it is sports update. I also like news bulletin within ten minutes of waking which is my cue to get up. I get up after 7 bulletin.

I dress and eat cereal and I’m out of house at 7.30. I walk to tram stop. I’m in office 35-40minutes later between 8.00 and 8.45.

My work days involve  teleconferences with internal colleagues or clients, lots of e-mails, execel spreadsheets, running reports and I have access to electronic databases   data in which I go into to check data. I usually stop for lunch at 13.30.

For lunch today I ate a bread roll with slices of chorizo in, an orange and an apple.

I can leave anytime from 4. I need to  put in 75 hours over 10 days, but have some flexibility on how much do each day. So exactly when finish depends,  if have late meetings or afterwork activities or need to do extra to get more done.

On this day met my Mum and Auntie at Centertainment Sheffield as we were going to see Greenday together at the Arena. We ate at Bella Italia. I ate Marco Pollo which was duck in a plum and spring onion sauce. I drank a glass of water.

Greenday was on stage from about 8.35 to 10.55. It is 11.30, on the tram home should be in bed for just after midnight.

Author: wonderwall360blog

So many wonders of the world to write about on my blog wall. I'm an Oasis fan hence the using wondewall as blog name.

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