Number 28 of 35 before 35: Complete football jigography / Lent conteplation 08Mar Minfullness

I was inspired by author Nick Hornby  to suggest having a big  jigsaw in the kitchen at work. Nick Hornby has a jigsaw on the go at the side of his writing table then when he gets stuck, writing he puts few pieces in the jigsaw and that can give him the break he needs to help with the writing. I thought it may similarly help colleagues for example, when they are struggling with something frustrating they could go to the kitchen and put a few pieces in the jigsaw so they take their minds of their problems and get to feel they have achieved something when at their desk progress is slow. As people, do not necessarily have managers or team members in the office it is one way of making people feel that we are a team.

The jigsaws have really taken off in the office with people who may never have  talked to each other before working on the jigsaw together. I feel it is creating a buzz but that is because people know it was my idea so are talking to me about it.

One colleague this morning said they needed a break so was going to the kitchen to put a jigsaw piece in. Therefore I think, I have contributed to colleague’s minfullness.

I bought a jigsaw  aka a jigography with football grounds on. Colleagues  completed the first two 1000 piece jigsaws in 1 week. The third 1000 piece  jigsaw was started Monday 27th and finished today, it took longer than the rest as the blue half was very difficult.

I thought after that some light relief was needed. The football jigography was just 150 pieces and therefore completed in a hour of so. After a mindfull walk I finished lunch break with more mindfullness putting last pieces in.

Author: wonderwall360blog

So many wonders of the world to write about on my blog wall. I'm an Oasis fan hence the using wondewall as blog name.

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