Giving a way my Enid Blyton books; must have spent hours of my childhood reading them …

I came to an agreement with my parents that I would take my Enid Blyton books when I moved to a bigger house. Then I have gone back and forth about whether I would or anyone else would ever read them again if I kept them and whether they would just unnecessarily be taking up space. The stories were dated when I read them about 25+ years ago so must be even more dated now.

I was going to give them to a charity shop but then mentioned them to friends and two of them wanted them. I took photos of the books to determine how to split the books. Not handed them over yet, but now the decision is made. I will have these photos to remember the books by and happy memories of reading them. Hope their young daughters also get some pleasure out of them. Who knows maybe one day I will borrow them back and meanwhile they are not sitting pointlessly on my shelves.

First pile on left famous five, coming left next pile Mallory towers, St Claire’s, Secret seven and fabulous 4
Mixture of ones good for reading to children or for them to start reading themselves
Others misc

Considering that is just some of Enid Blyton’s books; she wrote so many! Au revoir again for now Blyton.

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